I’m Shailaja Vishwanath and I’m here to help you grow your blog and online business without the stress or the overwhelm.

When I launched my coaching business a few years ago, it was because I wanted to teach other people that blogging & content creation is this splendid, wonderful thing. What’s more: It IS possible to build an organic audience without hustling or resorting to manipulative strategies.

I’ve been creating content since 2007 and coaching other creators since 2018. The one thing that connects us all? We love to blog, write, create and connect! If that sounds like you, you’re in the right place

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Creating content and connecting with people are two of my favourite things in the world; this is what I help people with. If you’re looking to grow an authentic, engaged audience for your work, without the stress and the overwhelm, get in touch today. Let’s chat.


Man smiling into camera George Kao

Shailaja provides extraordinary value through her coaching, courses, and content! Highly recommended.

George Kao

Authentic Business Coach for Solopreneurs, George Kao

After signing up for Shailaja’s Instagram course, I’m noticing that I am willing to explore more right now, have more confidence in my voice and am sharing expertise+vulnerability. And her approach is helping me make this shift! Best part is I am doing all this while being aligned to my values and the work I do -so no guilt at all about hustling, “salesy” and other stuff

Ranjitha Jeurkar

Certified NVC Trainer, Connext Coaching & Faciliation

Woman smiling into camera Amy Isaman Writing Coach

I had an AMAZING session with Shailaja about how to approach social media. I felt overwhelmed, frustrated, and even inauthentic because I often felt I was posting because I “supposed to” rather than because I wanted to connect and serve others. I ended the call feeling much calmer and more confident about creating consistent, authentic/aligned, and helpful social media content. The workflow and approach that she shared with me felt so much better than other “how to do Instagram” teachings out there – no pre-done templates, no captions, no overwhelming systems. Her approach is all about connection and creating from the heart. I am SO incredibly grateful to have found Shailaja Vishwanath and I’m sure I will be working with her again.

Amy Isaman

Author & Book Coach, Amy Isaman

Bingz Huang

Shailaja is truly awesome! She’s extraordinarily generous in sharing her free content, and the way she coached me in our private session is so much more helpful for me. I just implemented one of the suggestions she gave and I already feel relieved and less overwhelmed than before. I’m so grateful to be her client and I can definitely see myself booking more sessions with her.
You’re a rare gem, Shailaja!

Bingz Huang

Human Design Expert & Intuitive Healer, Bingz Huang

Thank you, Shailaja, for your guidance on writing on Medium. I would specifically like to highlight a few things which really touched me :
1. You had all the answers that any newbie on Medium would want to know without even asking them. As a matter of fact, I came to know about publications from you.
2. They were all clearly put down in a Google doc for easy reference and follow up.
3. The best part was that you recorded our call and shared it with me to go through any important points again at my convenience.
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us. I have already started writing for Medium and enjoying the new platform.

Rippy Gauba

Blogger, My Ripple Effect

Woman looking into Camera kasturi Patra author

To all my writer friends out there, who are thinking of building readership for your work, I’d highly recommend Shailaja Vishwanath’s coaching session. Listening to her speak during the Orange Flower virtual event, I felt like this is a person whose advice might help me. And I wasn’t wrong!

In my very first session, the clarity with which she explained the steps forward made it feel significantly less daunting. Also, her views about abundance (there’s enough for everyone) and genuine interactions with the community are things that I greatly admire, since I too believe in the same principles.

If you too, like me, are thinking about this daunting (and dare I say, a tad bit embarrassing) task of promoting your work, and feeling petrified about the way forward, my advice would be, speak to her.

Kasturi Patra

Novelist & Freelance Writer, Kasturi Patra

Woman holding iPad Ranjani Rao Author

I signed up for the Intentional Instagram course by Shailaja Vishwanath to get over my resistance to social media. Given the many demands on my time, I was reluctant to embark on a new platform and get frustrated with a hit or miss approach. Shailaja’s course provided great value because it was the opposite of an aggressive approach to get more followers and likes. Her tips were extremely valuable and helped me become efficient with posting my content but most importantly, it made enjoy the process itself. I learned a lot from the live Q & A calls and the ability to ask her questions at any time during the course. Highly recommend this course if you want to enjoy Instagram and not get caught up in vanity metrics.

Ranjani Rao

Scientist & Author, Ranjani Rao

headshot of Katherine Golub

I am so grateful to Shailaja for sharing her wisdom. I came to our calls with a long list of questions, and she answered every one and added lots of important insights that I didn’t even know to ask for.

I’ve told friends about her work, and I highly recommend that you reach out to her, too!

Katherine Golub

Founder, Center for Callings and Courage

Sudha Gopalan Nair

Shailaja is a wonderful coach, a powerhouse of knowledge, a patient teacher and listener. Her eBooks, courses and coaching sessions are always worth it. Totally recommend!

Sudha Gopalan Nair

Author, Sudha Nair