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Hello, I’m Shailaja Vishwanath: Parent blogger, Pinterest trainer & productivity nerd.
My goal is to help parents create meaningful connections with their children. I also help bloggers and website owners grow their traffic and social media presence in an organic manner.
Engagement and learning is what I recommend, be it in the positive parenting space or the blogging arena.
Welcome to my space and I am glad that you’re here.

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Kanchana Banerjee

Kanchana Banerjee


I found the workshop enormously informative. Shailaja is extremely knowledgeable about social media channels and how to use them effectively. She conducted the session very well. Explained everything patiently, giving loads of examples to illustrate her point. I learned a lot in the workshop and would be keen to attend any other online workshops that she conducts.

Amanda Johnson

Amanda Johnson

VA Coach, VACT Limited

Shailaja recently helped me create 200 pins for my Pinterest Boards, she helped identify several designs that worked for my business, kept them on brand and style with the look at which I wanted to achieve. She monitored what was working well and what needed tweaking to ensure it was the best fit for the business. Communications were crisp, clear, timely and I felt that Shailaja really listened to what I was trying to achieve - something for a control freak like myself that was really important. It has been a pleasure to have Shailaja support my business and consequently I have suggested others use her support to achieve their social media graphic goals.

Suman Kher

Suman Kher

Soft Skills Studio

I have worked with Shailaja and can safely say that she is a powerhouse of energy and knowledge! I'd recommend her to anyone who wants to get ahead with their social media plans. Talk to her!

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