Month: December 2013

A Lady at 7

You don’t really expect your kids to warm the cockles of your heart. You can’t really anticipate when they will fill you with gratitude. And you definitely won’t be prepared for that moment when a mature voice emerges from a 7-year-old. Twice, in one week.My niece had her first birthday coming up. And, I really […]

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The Inevitable

Her breath caught in her throat and her eyes welled up. It was happening. Not tomorrow or next month. Right now. She hadn’t been prepared for it. Nobody had warned her about the possibility.  She watched as things changed right before her. Baby G took her first few steps forward.  Her heart sang in joy! ========Taking […]

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She did it again. Her teeth clamped down on his arm and sunk all the way in. He grit his teeth and bore the pain. Not the reaction she was hoping for. So, she changed tracks. She aimed for his neck this time. He shut his eyes and tried to free himself. But, she wasn’t […]

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