Month: March 2014

Awareness- #atozchallenge

A bolt out of the blueIt hit me where it hurt the most My heart felt like leadWeighted by the anguish and the tearsHer crumpled face was testament to the agonyThat my Yelling had inflictedWrenched by guilt, I hugged her and resolvedNo more. It’s time to make a change. Word count: 55 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This was […]

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Making it whole

Tearfully, she looked at the ruins before her. Her heart crumbled under the weight of the pain. She tried to put the pieces back together, but the effort was too much for her. She looked at the perpetrator who grinned. She howled in anger and helplessness. Soft footsteps came up behind her. Warm kisses touched […]

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Krishna and Kids

Gy loves Krishna and I mean wholeheartedly so. She adores his stories of mischief, the tales of valour and the majesty of his description. Put it down to her love for mythology and the Little Krishna series that used to air on Nick Jr. She indulges in a great deal of make-believe play. Usually, she […]

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