Blogger Meets are always fun and exciting to anticipate and my first Indiblogger meet was no exception. This is my second Blogger interaction, the first being the one held in Goa last July.

A blogger friend of mine sent me a message last weekend, asking if I was planning to attend the IndiBlogger ASUS Meet at the ITC Gardenia on Friday, January 30th. As tempted as I was to concur, there was the small problem of it being a Friday evening and a lack of a babysitter for my child. But, my attendance at the meet was written in the stars! In under an hour, it so happened that I found a sitter, found transport and excitedly clicked on the ‘Invite’ Link in my e-mail. That’s it! The stage was set.

Knowing what a killer traffic in Bangalore can be, Aparna and I set out early to reach the destination on time. Suffice to say, we were among the earliest there. Well, at least we had time to stroll around and take in the beauty that is the ITC Gardenia.

It was such fun to start identifying bloggers from their pictures on the Indiblogger or Twitter pictures. As always, it makes me wonder if we identify people more by their names or their blogs. Food for thought, maybe? But, whether we actually knew each other or not, the smiles were warm and the hugs were genuine.

Soon after, we trotted into the main event where post a quick registration, we found our seats at tables set up for the evening. More introductions followed and the much-awaited appetisers started making an appearance. (What’s a meet without food?)

A Death Metal concert kicked things off and kicked them into high gear, getting all the bloggers on their feet, pumping their fists in the air, expunging ‘Hur’ from their chests (which I doubt we had in us) and head banging  their way into the mood for the evening. I felt like I was back in college, cheering the band from the audience, being deafened by the speakers and getting into the groove of all things fun!

This was followed by a really interesting session, fairly unique in my experience. We were asked to go around and ask bloggers to share a personal item of theirs which they would part with forever- a token of their friendship, you could say. While most of us cleverly exchanged items with people around us at the same table, there were some enterprising ones who managed to garner over 18 items! Next time, Indiblogger, I am carrying an army of personal items from my de-cluttering list: Give things away and clear up the house- two birds with one stone.

ASUS India then took the stage to talk to us about the two products that were launching in India- the ASUS EEEBook X205TA and the ASUS All in one PC ET 2040.

The Product Manager of ASUS took centre stage and gave a quick, interesting overview of the specifications of each product, walking us through the key points such as battery life, gesture control, Internal storage and expandable memory, multi- USB compatibility among others.

Bloggers were invited to ask questions of the ASUS team , which they clarified with patience and honesty. We then were called on to check out the models of both products on display and check out the features for ourselves.

As a brand, ASUS is one I use myself (a Tablet) and as far as performance is concerned, I have had no complaints thus far. I have had my eye on a Netbook for a while now and the price point on the ASUS EEEBook is too good to pass up. So, that’s going on my wish list for sure.

Well, after this, it was time to settle in. No, wait! I mean, it was time to get back on our feet, form groups, create an ad for blogging, Mad-Ad style. It was back to college again! Indiblogger, you sure have a way of making me nostalgic. All through the evening, MC Anoop did a fabulous job of keeping the bloggers engaged, keeping us laughing and keeping us out of our chairs! The entire Indiblogger team deserves an ovation for the effort made all evening.

MC Anoop holding sway

ITC Gardenia made sure we left with the grins on our faces intact and our tummies filled with the delectable buffet of the evening. More meets at ITC Gardenia; that’s going to be my new mantra! 😉

The cherry on the cake was when I came home, told my daughter about the meet and watched her jump up and declare that she would grow up to be a blogger one day! I must be doing something right. 😉

What do I love about Blogger Meets? Well, that one’s easy to answer:
  • Putting a face to the names that we have only seen on the Web
  •  Meeting other souls who identify with the concept of writing for the love of it
  • Oh and of course, walking into a room, introducing yourself as a blogger and not feeling out of place. 😉

So, here is a BIG Thank You to the folks at Indiblogger and Asus India for bringing us all together in the spirit of blogging and making January a month to remember.