A little understanding

A little understanding

A little understanding

Did I pass you in the corridor yesterday?

Did I forget to smile?
Did I make you feel miserable
When I looked through your glance?
Photo Copyright:  Salvatore Vuono

Did I delay replying to you
By e-mail, messaging or facebook alerts?
Did I seemingly ignore your cry for sympathy
When you posted that you lost someone dear?

Did I hurt you emotionally
When I didn’t return your call?
Did you feel like I slammed the door
When you left the last time you were here?

Forgive me, my friend
For I meant none of the above
I have been in pain myself
From losing a loved one
And suffering from a fall
From monumental changes that
Threatened to turn my world
Upside down and inside out

If I have wounded you 
I am ready to take the blame
All I ask for is a little understanding
And for you, I will do the same

©Shailaja V/ Doting Mom

A letter that any person can write, to indicate that life isn’t always rosy and sometimes a little understanding goes a long way


Today, I am honoured to be guest posting over at Vidya Sury’s blog

Please drop by and read my post 

U is for Unconditional

Word count: 165

Written for the A to Z 2014 Challenge

U is for Understanding

My theme for the month is : Introspection in shades of 11

Also linking this to the Ultimate Blog Challenge for April


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0 thoughts on “A little understanding

  1. This resonates very well with me, too. Because we all are guilty of this at some point of time, and with me, this used to keep happening for a long time till realization dawned and I started looking into such situations deliberately, so as to avoid hurting someone else. A very timely message, this one !!

  2. Very well written, Shailja. So often we assume wrongly about the other person in such situations…I am myself guilty of not smiling, not writing back, not reaching out, and all I ask is understanding at those times. So why not give it to others. Thanks for presenting this very important idea in this way. Very nice indeed.

  3. A very sweet and touching poem. So true that we only see things from our perspective and don't really know what goes on in the lives of others. Lovely poem and very nice picture too.

  4. Beautiful verses. I think people have become so insensitive these days that they thing only about their feelings. If an acquaintance of mine does not smile back at me, then I think about it for a while and just let it go. i don't really take it to the heart. Wonderful lines 🙂

  5. Whenever anybody speaks or behaves in an uncharacteristically unpleasant manner,
    it may be because of circumstances that we may be unaware of.
    If the behaviour is repeated, we should try to find out what the matter is and see if we can help. That's what a genuine friend would do.

  6. heartfelt poem…. after reading the “unconditional” post, I wondered how the last few lines can make sense… then I realize this is the human version, while the other is the preachy version residing in the same human being.. 🙂

  7. What's so powerful about this post is that I did just recently have someone not respond to FB PMs for over a week! And it does help to consider that you never know someone's story.

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