How to Grow an Authentic Blog, an Online Business and a Digital Presence

My Mission

For too long, we’ve been taught the wrong things when it comes to building a blog or a personal brand. We’ve tuned in to the idea that more is better- more subscribers, more social media followers, more money- and all of this in a relatively short period of time. And for over two years of running my business, I believed it too and struggled with it a great deal.

Then, in June 2020, I found my true inner voice guiding me forward on the path I was meant to take- the path of true, organic connection. The path of quiet persistence and comfortable growth, without the stress and the hustle. It was the guidance I’d been waiting for.

My intention is to help you grow your brand in the digital space without the hustle and the overwhelm. Learn to cultivate deep connections with your readers and followers. When you start doing this, you’d start to understand that true growth doesn’t lie in the numbers. It lies in the invisible metrics that matter a whole lot more.

My Story

My journey began as a parenting blogger, back in August 2007, a year after I’d had my daughter. This blog started off as a tiny, invisible journal on Blogger and was called Diary of a Mom. For over 6 years, I blogged off and on, when the fancy struck me and I had a grand total of 1 reader: my mom. But I loved every second of it. This was me, expressing my heartfelt thoughts and ideas on this sometimes incredible and mostly frustrating life as a parent.

In mid 2013, all of that changed, when I started a series on my website called the Yelling Less Challenge. In an attempt to cut back on yelling at my then 6-year-old, I decided to publicly journal my experience and also share it with my community on Facebook.

That was the beginning of what would soon become my path to visibility, as a blogger. For the next 6 years, I lived in the social media limelight, joining blogging groups, interacting with amazing fellow writers and even attending in-person events on special invitation. It was the blogging dream, in a certain sense. While the social media presence definitely helped in building some wonderful bonds and taught me a lot about community building, it also led me down a different path –

The possibility of turning what I’d learnt into a way for me to teach other people what I knew.

How to Change the Narrative

It’s my sincere belief that we need to move away from the culture of always doing and focus instead on connecting. That is what I try and share through my posts here on the blog, my free newsletters and my podcast. Whether you are a brand new blogger, a conscious coach or a small business owner, you don’t need to follow the hustle tactics that are popular in mainstream culture.

You don’t need to burn the candle at both ends, sacrifice your peace of mind or sell your soul in order to grow a sustainable blog or brand in the online space.

We can learn to work with sincerity and focus on true empathy. We can create content that connects, continue to build relationships with our true audience, and listen deeply with our hearts to challenges that people were facing.

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