Welcome to my blog!I’m delighted that you’re here and are considering writing a guest post for my blog.

So, here’s how it works.

Who can write a guest post?

Only other bloggers and writers can submit a guest post. This option is not available to businesses at the moment. Your blog must have the following:

  • HTTPS: That means it is a secure site
  • DA (Domain Authority of at least 15 and above)

What topics can you write a guest post on?

You are welcome to submit content in the following categories:

  • Blogging Tips
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Pinterest Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Productivity and Time Management

Even if you don’t write about these things on your own blog but would like to explore that realm, the guest post option is ideal.

Is this paid?

No. A guest post, by definition, is not a paid arrangement. You voluntarily submit your content to be hosted on my site. What you get is a quality no-follow back link to your blog/website and an audience outside your own blog.

Where can I see guest posts written

by other bloggers on your site?

You can find all the guest posts at this link: Guest Posts by Other Writers & Bloggers

What do you get when you guest post?

  • You get a NO-FOLLOW link back to your blog. I no longer offer do-follow links since this is against Google’s Terms of Service.
  • You get an extremely engaged audience that I have built up over the last 11 years of blogging consistently. This includes WordPress followers, social media followers and a loyal e-mail subscription list.
  • Your post will be shared on Pinterest where I have a thriving presence and which drives the maximum social  traffic to my site.
  • Your post will be featured (with a link to your blog) in my newsletter that goes out to my subscribers. I have an open rate of 40% and over! Industry standards are 18% in my niche.
  • You get to present your point of view on a topic close to your heart with my readers.

What do you need to send me?

A link to your blog/s, first and foremost. This is so that I know who you are. Also, please understand that I reserve the right to reject any blogs that do not fall under the guidelines mentioned above.

Send me a mail here: shailaja@shailajav.com

If we’re a good fit, I will mail you back and then you can send me the rest as mentioned below.

Your guest post has to abide by the following guidelines:

  •  Word count- Please keep it between 1000 and 3000 words.
  • Ensure that you have done a review/grammar and spell check before submitting the post. I reserve the right to edit/modify the content for clarity, layout and SEO purposes.
  • You may NOT submit this post anywhere else, including your own blog. Re-posting of guest post content will not be permitted.
  •  If you can, do add a featured image for the post (dimensions 800 X 600 px) and a vertical image for Pinterest. (If you don’t have images, don’t worry. I will add these myself).
  • Please include a short bio of yourself ( around 150 words), a picture of yourself (if you choose) and a link to all your social media handles.
  • Please do not include any affiliate links of yours in the post. These will not be included.
  • Write as you would write on your own blog. Your readers love you and I am certain my readers would too.
  • Kindly send me the post in MS Word format. Any version will do.
  • Please send me the post at least a week before it is scheduled to go live on the blog. This is to allow time for me to review the post and get back to you with any queries I may have before I schedule the post.
  • Once the post is published, please reply to comments that will be left on the blog by readers as and when you find the time for the same.
  • I will be sharing your post via my social networks- Facebook/ Twitter/ Pinterest. I would request that you do the same 🙂

So, interested? Drop me a line and I can fit you into my Guest Post calendar!

Send me a mail here: shailaja@shailajav.com


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