About Shailaja

About Shailaja

Welcome! It’s so good to see you here! I am Shailaja Vishwanath, the writer and blogger behind Diary of a Doting Mom! I am a parent blogger, social media strategist and fiction writer by passion and an editor by profession. If  I had to use a term to describe myself, I’d say I am an eternal learner. Whatever I know, I love to share with my readers. To steal a catchphrase from a famous president, ‘Together, we can!


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What’s in it for you?

Are you a blogger? OR a parent? Or both?

You’ve come to the perfect place!

So, what will you find here?

Parenting Tips

On this blog, you will find life lessons on parenting and positive relationship ideas.  Diary of a Doting Mom  is all about the journey I undertake with my daughter, Gy. I began blogging in August 2007 and find writing both therapeutic and fascinating. I used to blog sporadically until July 2013 when I wrote about a week-long yelling less challenge that I chronicled right here! Since then, there has been no looking back. 😀

Blogging Tips and Strategy

Being in the blogging space for over a decade has given me ample time to watch, read, learn and understand social media and blogging strategy. I figured, hey! This is something my readers would love! Am I right? So, I started writing a few tutorials on the blog, suitable for all bloggers. Yes, ALL bloggers, not just the parenting niche. 😉

Psst! People particularly LOVE my Pinterest Tips!

So, why should you read me?

Oh I totally get you! I mean, there are so many bloggers out there. How am I going to make a difference? Well, for one thing, I love networking. Simply LOVE it.

You on Twitter? Let’s follow each other.

Facebook your jam? I hear you! I’m there too.

Oh,wait, Pinterest rocks your boat? I am your BEST friend!

Instagram stories more your thing? Yep, present there.

Not like I am omnipresent or anything, so don’t worry.

For another, I have been featured on some lovely sites: The Huffington Post, Blog HerYeah WriteWordPress Discover, White Swan FoundationWomen’s WebWritersMelon and Blog Adda.

I’ve won a few awards for parenting and social media strategy too. But that’s something you can read when you get time: Awarded and Published

So, like what you’ve seen so far? I hope so!

Oh and before I forget, I write a monthly newsletter with tips on positive parenting, blogging and social media strategy. You can sign up for it below or by using the subscription box in my sidebar.

 It’s completely free. It’s just ONCE a month. No spam. None!

Connect with me!

You can also e-mail your queries/ post requests/ feedback to:
shailaja at shailajav dot com
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