And the clock struck… {Microfiction- 42 words}

And the clock struck… {Microfiction- 42 words}

Photo Copyright: Grant Cochrane

Isn’t he the most precious thing? she purred.

Yes, he’s adorable, the mother replied uneasily.

Β She’d never told anyone but, the moment he was born, the lightning bolt had struck the house and every single clock had stopped at the witching hour.

Written for YeahWrite’s GargleBlaster prompt #159
This week’s question:Β 

Have all your clocks stopped?

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0 thoughts on “And the clock struck… {Microfiction- 42 words}

  1. Spooky for sure! Though I have to admit, when my son was an infant I could have sworn all the clocks were stopped during his witching hour. I swear, time stood still some evenings. Thanks so much for hitchhiking, Sue – I hope you'll be back for next week's gargleblaster!

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