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Which kid is silent and well-behaved 24×7? Not mine and I don’t mind it either:)

As long as the boundary lines are drawn between mischief and danger, and you can ensure she stays within those lines, you are doing fine.

My little one loves music and dance… and this from the tender age of 2 months or so. She loves to climb up on soafas/beds/tables and try the “jump sequence” from varying heights.

Although we need to exercise caution when kids try out new behaviour, it is best to encourage them to be fearless.That is the way that kids can learn-to be cautious on their own, without admonition.

Pulling out kitchen drawers,exciting cupboards, dad’s laptop case,mom’s books are all things that Gy enjoys doing…and yes, it can be annoying at times.But the key thing may be to just let go and watch the child-it can be a very enriching experience.The thrill they express when they see a key for the very first time or the triumph on their little faces when they successfully jump off a sofaset.

Children were meant to be naughty-let’s just enjoy this phase while it lasts…