“Are you happy?”

I looked at her, this friend I’d known for over 2 decades, as she looked into my eyes, searching for the answer.

We were sitting there, as a light drizzle fell around us, touching us, not directly, but in those diagonal patterns that only rain can achieve.

We were talking about work and jobs and things we did to keep ourselves going. She asked how my new venture was going and I asked her how her freelance career was working out.

As we exchanged notes about the nitty gritty details, we realised there was more here than just a conversation about two friends catching up.

In these moments, we let fall a few things that we rarely do when we talk with people we haven’t known that long. We spoke about our reservations, the fact that things may not be moving along as fast as they should or as effortlessly as we’d expected.

Things that don’t get shared in tweets or Facebook messages or Instagram stories. Things that can only be spoken about with a friend you’ve sat next to, for 3 years in a stuffy college classroom.

And when she asked me that question, I paused. Because here is someone I could be myself with. I didn’t have to hide behind a facade of cheer or stay motivated. I could share anything.

For a brief moment, I thought about it. Was I happy?

Sure, the venture was challenging. Some days I felt like I’d bitten off more than I could chew. Other days I couldn’t stop myself from pouring all my energy into the work I loved.

But, at the core of it, was I happy?

And with a smile, I turned to her and said, ‘You know, I am happy. It’s something I never thought I’d be doing, not even a year ago. But it feels right. It feels like this is meant to be.’

Her face broke into a smile and she linked her arm in mine, saying, ‘I’m happy for you.’

And perhaps, that’s why we need friends. To tell us that our happiness doesn’t have to be a quiet one, but something that can be shared and cheered, with the ones we hold dear.

Happy Friendship day.

Slowly inching back to blogging, after a really long hiatus. There are a few changes coming to the blog and I am in equal parts nervous and excited about them. Later this month, this blog will turn 11 and I do feel that the time is right for the changes to take effect. Wish me luck as I set forth on this. 🙂

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