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Over and over again, I am reminded of how fantastic it is to be a parent and more so, a mother.

In the 5 months that Gy has been at PHK (Podar Happy Kids), she :

  • has expanded her vocabulary to an amazing extent, speaking sentences nowm instead of words
  • has started interacting more freely with kids her age
  • looks forward to school with an eagerness she displays only when she meets her grandparents
  • has had two performances on stage

Yes, you read that last part right! The school organised its first annual day in February this year and Gy took part in two dances. One was the Jungle themed “Monkey with a coconut” and the other was the all-time classic “Li’l white duck”.

The costumes, the setting, the children and the teachers were highly appealing. And I must give it to the teachers. In order to make the children feel comfortable, they let go of their own inhibitions, singing, dancing and gesticulating like children themselves. Heartwarming sight indeed!

Then in May, I sent her to the summer camp organised by the school and it was again a pleasure to watch the kids take the stage on the last day of the camp. This time around, they performed to Hindi film and pop music, which added a distinctly Indian flavour to the day:)

Gy was in the song “Main Aisa Kyun Hoon” and “Lakdi ki Kaati”.

The cream on the cake was delivered by Ms.B, the centre head who announced that PHK on Sarjapur road had been chosen as the best centre in India by the Podar Education Network this past year! Oh how proud that made us all.

Keep it up,PHK!

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