So many people have been asking me to write this post so I figured I should finally get around to it. It’s a topic that I hope will help those of you who like listening to content as much as I do. So, here are my list of recommended podcasts for creative entrepreneurs and bloggers.

Before writing this post, I went back to check when exactly it was that I began listening to podcasts. Because I distinctly remember not doing it that regularly about a year ago. To my delight, I discovered that I actually began listening to them in March this year, exactly a week before announcing my foray into the entrepreneurial space. Ever since, I try and listen to a podcast a day and share about it, usually on my Instagram stories.

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How to Choose your Podcasts

My podcast interests are quite varied and I find that I am able to integrate that variety into my life as well, both personally and professionally. 

So the first thing I recommend is that you sit down and write down your list of interests. Remember that this doesn’t have to be related to your blog or business. It can be ANYTHING that catches your fancy. Go ahead, write it down. I’ll wait.

For instance, here is my list of interests:

  • Pinterest
  • Productivity
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Blogging
  • Social Media growth
  • Minimalism & Zen
  • Fitness and Health

Which podcast app should you use?

I’ve tried out Stitcher in the past but once I downloaded and started using CastBox, it became the best thing ever! Here are some of the reasons you’d love Castbox:

  • You can create playlists by category
  • You can use it on both Android and iOS
  • You can download a podcast for offline listening
  • You can add your favourite episodes for later reference
  • You can listen to classic audio books, radio channels and some prime podcast networks such as NPR, TED, The Economist and The New York Times.

Get it on the App Store  – for iOS devices

Get it on Google Play Store – for Android devices

Now that we’ve got the basics out of the way, let’s get down to my list of favourite podcasts. If you are a creative entrepreneur, blogger or small business owner, you may find some good ideas from the list below.

I’ve embedded the links to each of the Castbox podcasts right here in the post, so you can listen to any of them from here, before you decide if this is a good fit for you and if you’d like to add it to your own playlist.

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Simple Pin Podcast- Simple Ways to Boost your Business using Pinterest

I listen to only ONE person when it comes to Pinterest and that is Kate Ahl. It’s so easy to get diverted when Pinterest changes things every week, but Kate is always on top of things, doesn’t panic and is perfect!


Deep Questions with Cal Newport

Everyone probably knows this about me by now, but I am a huge, huge fan of Cal Newport, especially after I read his books, Deep Work and Digital Minimalism.

This podcast is just what you need to get you thinking about work, focus and productivity in the ways that really matter.

Best of Both Worlds by Laura Vanderkam and Sarah Hart Unger

You know I am a HUGE Laura Vanderkam fan, right? It stands to reason I would love everything she does. This podcast is no exception.

The Positive Pants Podcast

If you’re wondering how to break through your procrastination habit and negative mindset, Fran Excell is here to help you do just that. I love her upbeat tone so much!

The 10-Minute Entrepreneur

On a time crunch and have only 10 minutes to listen to a podcast? Make it this one. Serial entrepreneur Sean Castrina helps you with quick, actionable tips.

Curious Minds

Ever wondered how the minds of entrepreneurs and writers work? How do they get so much done in the same amount of time that we all have? Gayle Allen has the answers in this series.


Boss Girl Creative

I came across Taylor Bradford on Pinterest and fell in love with the beautiful, cohesive look of her profile. From there to her podcast was a natural stepping stone. Want to learn how to grow your blog, brand or business? Let Taylor help you do it.

The Failure Factor

As a fledgling entrepreneur it was very easy for me to sink into gloom every time things didn’t go the way I expected. This podcast helped lift me out of that phase every single time. 

The Businessese Influencer Marketing Podcast

If you’d like to leverage the power of influencer marketing in an ever-changing digital landscape, this is for you.

The Conscious Entrepreneur Podcast

This is a bit off-beat but it’s pretty perfect for those who look at entrepreneurship as a spiritual experience. It involves tapping into your authentic self and empowering yourself as an entrepreneur. If you’re into mindful, well-paced work this is something you’d enjoy.

The Entrepreneur Motivation Podcast

What I really like about this podcast is the much-needed motivation on the days that I feel low as an entrepreneur. The conversational tone is so helpful and Chris Bello extremely intuitive without being over bearing. Such a winning combo!


ProBlogger Podcast

As a blogger, the one podcast you should always have on your playlist is this one by Darren Rowse. Darren is simply fabulous. But don’t take my word for it. Listen to any of the episodes and you will know what I mean.

The Blogger Genius Podcast

This podcast is run by the founder of MiloTree. She interviews successful bloggers and entrepreneurs, finding out what works for them and how you can make it work for you.

The Blogging Millionaire

Interested in growing your blog and monetizing it? The Blogging Millionaire Podcast can help you do that. Well, if you apply what you hear, that is.

The Portfolio Life with Jeff Goins

If you’ve been a blogger for any length of time you’d be familiar with Jeff Goins and his premium blogging brand. Listen in as he shares his tips and advice to grow your personal blog to a profitable one.

The Strategy Hour Podcast with Think Creative Collective

If something has the word ‘strategy’ in it, I get sucked right in! Fortunately for me, this one’s gold!

You know those moments when you feel stuck in your blogging business? Learn how to break free of those using these episodes.

Mamas Blogging for Bliss and Biz Podcast

Managing work and home as a parent blogger? You need this podcast.

Social Media

The Science of Social Media

Buffer is my go-to platform for all things social media. Their open, authentic approach to social media is so very appealing. Don’t miss this, I mean it! 🙂

Twitter Smarter Podcast

Madelyn Sklar is right on the money when it comes to using Twitter for your business. She keeps on top of changes and even brings in other Twitter influencers to share their top tips.

Hashtag Authentic

Practical tips and inspiring stories: these are what Sara Tasker promises in her series on how to use social media to be your authentic, creative self.

Social Media Marketing Podcast

It’s one thing to be present on social media. It’s another thing to thrive and flourish. Learn how to do that with Michal Stelzner of Social Media Examiner. By the way, their blog is simply outstanding. Such a treasure trove of tips!

The Best Podcasts for  Bloggers and entrepreneurs to grow their business, develop a growth mindset, use specific strategies that will help boost their presence in the online marketplace. #Podcasts #Shailajav #Entrepreneurs #Bloggers

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Since I did mention a few other categories at the beginning of this post, I figured you could check those out too, if they interest you.

Minimalism, Zen and Happiness

Zen Habits Favourites

Happier with Gretchen Rubin

The Minimalists Podcast

Fitness Motivation

20 Minute Fitness

Get fit and live healthy

40+ Fitness

Now it’s your turn. Which podcasts do you love from this list? And if you have any suggestions, let me know so I can add it to my list too! 🙂