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Maybe it’s a built-in response; maybe it’s a learnt skill. Either way, it manages to grab attention.

I’m talking about how cleverly children weave a tantrum or tear-streaked response into any situation. Somehow, they know that it is guaranteed to elicit that desired response.

Of late, Gy has been cleverly using this tactic, but we are nipping it in the bud ( successfully, I hope:)

She knows now that crying loudly and crying for a long time will have one of the following effects:

  1. We ignore her and continue doing what we do
  2. We tell her to leave the room, cry it out and come back when she is calm
  3. We distract her with something else

We never EVER give in to demands, as that is likely to set a precedent for more tantrums.

Any comments anyone? 🙂



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