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Do you struggle with finding an audience for your content?

Frustrated by the radically slow progress of your brand/blog/social media presence online?

Are you stuck with Pinterest?

Do you find Email Marketing confusing?

Would you like to work on your on-page SEO?

Keen on improving your Instagram presence?

Book a 60-minute Coaching Call with me today and find out how I can help you with a customised package.

Here are sample questions we could address:

A) I have a Free Blog. Should I move to self-hosted WordPress?

B) What would you recommend I focus on first, as a blogger?

C) I’ve been blogging for a while and want to make money from my blog. How do I do that?

D) Does Pinterest make sense for me, as a blogger? Will it work for my niche?

E) How do I really grow my Instagram followers?

F) I am completely confused and need help sorting things out in my head. What should I be doing as a blogger?

Or choose a video audit session from the list below and let me take care of your blogging/social media queries.

A) Pinterest profile Audit: How to revamp, upgrade and fine tune your Pinterest profile for better engagement and more traffic to your blog.

B) Blog Audit: How to improve your blog’s user experience to encourage more traffic and help increase monetization opportunities.

C) Instagram profile Audit: How to create a cohesive brand that people want to engage with and brands want to work with


I have worked with Shailaja and can safely say she is a powerhouse of energy and knowledge. I’d recommend her to anyone who wants to get ahead with their social media plans. Talk to her!

Suman Kher

Soft Skills and Communications Trainer, Soft Skills Studio

Just had a Pinterest account audit with Shailaja – AMAZING! I learnt so much and took so many notes, now I can’t wait to implement everything I’ve learnt! Totally recommend her services – she’s both a lovely person and an amazingly knowledgeable person.

Sarah PJ White

Writer & Content Creator for VAs,

If there is one person I’d go to for genuine advice, it is Shailaja. Just a 30 minute call with her and I am so focused on how to build my Instagram profile. She took charge of my query and gave me examples, helped me understand and listened to me patiently. Never did she hurry to hang up even though we exceeded our 30 minute call duration. She is your go-to person for bang on answers to social media and blogging issues.

Rashi Mital

Blogger & Instagrammer, Live it Young

I loved the video audit that Shailaja did for my Pinterest profile. The most valuable thing for me was her involvement in helping me. It wasn’t about sharing the basics. She went into specifics and explained what is good and what can be worked on. She also showed examples from other pages that helped me understand her point better. I haven’t been able to fully implement what she shared but when I do, I will surely reach out to seek her services. Thank you, Shailaja!

Parul Thakur

Blogger, Happiness and Food

  • * 60-Minute Call on Zoom
  • * Recording of the Session
  • * Detailed Content Strategy
  • * How to make your brand stand out in a crowd
  • * 30-Minute Video Audit
  • * Private Viewing Link
  • * Tips on Improving Content
  • * How to align your work with your personal brand

Still not sure if it’s worth it? I totally understand 🙂

Get on a 15-minute discovery call instead. It costs just $5 for a 15-minute session and you’d get clarity on the way forward.

First, click here to set up a quick call: Mini-Discovery Call

Then, send me an e-mail here: shailaja @ shailajav dot com (without spaces)

Explain what your biggest challenge is with regard to your blog or social media channel (I only work with blogs on WordPress and social media profiles on Pinterest and Instagram). Don’t forget to include the link to your blog/social media channels.

If you’re happy with the evaluation, we can get on a call or a more detailed video audit. Sounds good?

Shailaja V

I’m a blog & content coach with over 13 years of writing, blogging and social media experience.

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