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How many of us have scratched our heads or reached out to friends when we’ve wondered about introducing books to our kids? What would they enjoy? What would make them happy? In this lovely guest post, Mahathi Ramya explains that these 5 kind of books for early readers will keep them both engaged and foster a love of reading. This is a part of the Guest Post series on my blog.

“Reading is to the mind What exercise is to the body” – Sir Richard Steele

I love this quote about reading. Reading is really an exercise to the mind. But, in this digital world where a 6-month-old baby gets an access to an iPad, how can we introduce our children to the world of book reading? This thought made me write this post.

I am an avid book reader. If I am not disturbed, I can even complete one book a day without much problem. I enjoy reading good books and learning about different cultures, people and gaining knowledge about unknown things. Fortunately, I found a local library after relocating to USA and this has been my happy place after home. My kids (7-years and 4-years of age) of course accompany me to the library and browse through the beautiful collection of children’s books.

My elder one is starting to read small sentences and is enjoying to show off his new skill. My younger one is only going through books which have bright colors and have interesting pictures like cars and trains. I have been experimenting with different books to introduce my children to the world of reading and here are some types of books that I found.

5 Kinds of Books for Early Readers

1. Board Books

Books for early readers- board books

These types of books with thick hardboard and glossy finish were my children’s favorites in their toddler age (0 – 3 years age). These small square shaped books are good for toddlers as they tend to chew objects at this age and tear the thin paper. There are many wonderful books like books introducing colors, shapes, improving every day vocabulary and even simple rhymes with pictures.

2. Touch and feel books

Touch and Feel Books for early readers

My toddler loves these “touch and feel” books. If there is a book about animals, a piece of horse’s mane/ a fabric imitating the skin of cow/ a feather of a bird will be included. Children, especially toddlers love to feel the fabric and this helps them to remember the animal name and picture in the future.

3. Picture books

Picture Books for early readers

Picture books with bright illustrations are a hit for all children until 8 years of age. Less words, small sentences and more pictures attract them to try reading by themselves. I usually search books on specific themes that my children like especially, on transportation vehicles, a day at school, healthy habits and good manners which they can relate to well.

4. Easy reading books

Purple Turtle Children's Books for early readers

There are some special books for children for early reading depending on the level of their expertise. Some books mention different levels which are categorized by the vocabulary and the complexity of sentences used. These books will have illustrations to encourage them to guess the circumstances and thus, words too if they are new to reading.

5. Educational books

Educational Early Learning books for kids

Educational books are available as per the grade the children are studying. For toddlers, there are multiple books on counting, alphabets and rhymes whereas school going children can read simple science books like how seasons are different, how the concept of light and shadow works.

What type of books do your children like? What introduced them to reading at an early age? Do let me know your thoughts and recommendations.

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Books for young readers. A boy reading books next to a globe.

Bio of the Guest Post Author in her own words:

Mahathi Ramya

I am Mahathi Ramya, A jack of all trades and master of some. I am a mom of 2 boys and love blogging and travelling. I enjoy reading books and sharing my thoughts on Parenting at my blog. I am teaching Indian classical dance – Kuchipudi and am currently a stay-at-home mom. 

You can follow Mahathi on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.

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