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Dear Gy, do you think of yourself as a brave person? Do you believe that your bravery will help you, as you grow older and more mature? Even before you answer this question, let me tell you this: you are braver than you know.

A lot of people speak of bravery as equal to courage. It isn’t so. Bravery is taking a step forward even when you don’t feel courageous. It’s making the move to speak up, on a public stage, when your insides are quaking.

Why do I call you brave? Let me remind you of an incident earlier this academic year. Do you recall when everyone at school had to choose a hobby club and you wanted to pick dance? We (your dad and I) said that it made sense to choose something else since dance was something you’d done the previous year. We suggested theatre as an option. You paled and refused, stamping your foot in defiance.

An hour later, despite your please, we gently insisted that you give this a go. You were mutinous and angry, but we didn’t bat an eyelid. Perhaps that was us being brave.

And then, eight months later, I recall you walking through the door, announcing that you’d be playing the lead role in the Wizard of Oz at school. I remember how your heart leapt in joy when you could recite all the lines without a quiver in your voice. I then watched you on stage, taking on the role of a narrator in a street play, confidently meeting the floodlights, declaiming your lines with confidence and yes, bravery.

Being brave doesn’t come easily and perhaps that’s why I love this quality a good deal. It means that you are overcoming the odds, stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something even though you may fail.

Be brave. Let yourself break free of the shackles of fear and take on challenges that seem impossible but exciting. Learn from the people who’ve done it before you and soon, you’ll be inspiring others to be as brave as yourself.

Lots of love,


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