Book Review- ‘Potluck’ by the Critique Group

Welcome to my weekly feature: Weekend Reviews Title: PotluckAuthors: Various authors Publisher: (2013) Language: English ISBN-10: 8192816647 ISBN-13: 9788192816647 Number of Pages: 250 Price [INR] : 99 {Paperback/Kindle/ePub}Genre: Fiction Book overview: Potluck is a collection of short stories and reflections by a group of writers who came together after attending Creative Writing Courses by Renu Balakrishnan at Xavier’s Institute of Communications, Mumbai. […]

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Truth hurts

Tears fell fast and furiously on the sheet of paper under her nose. Brushing them away, she peered anxiously at the bottom. The signature and  remarks were curt and biting. Lifting her head, she stared at the prim face, seated five rows away. Her tormentor looked back at her sedately for a few seconds.She wished she knew […]

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All a-flutter

Leaves in the wind Falling Rapidly Shuddering A shadow looms I look up to see The canopy of fright Their perfect formation  Visible every other day Now scatters in disarray Squawks of terror As they flee from the predator A ravenous hurricane Photo Copyright: Njaj =========== Written in response to YeahWrite’s GargleBlaster prompt #160 This […]

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And the clock struck… {Microfiction- 42 words}

Photo Copyright: Grant Cochrane Isn’t he the most precious thing? she purred.Yes, he’s adorable, the mother replied uneasily. She’d never told anyone but, the moment he was born, the lightning bolt had struck the house and every single clock had stopped at the witching hour. =========== Written for YeahWrite’s GargleBlaster prompt #159 This week’s question: Have all […]

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