Krishna and Kids

Gy loves Krishna and I mean wholeheartedly so. She adores his stories of mischief, the tales of valour and the majesty of his description. Put it down to her love for mythology and the Little Krishna series that used to air on Nick Jr. She indulges in a great deal of make-believe play. Usually, she […]

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That one Love

Clad in white and sometimes in dark,He beckons me with outstretched arms The first time I met him was when I was young and innocent He captured my heart with his tantalizing, dreamy gazeThe warmth of his graspSoothed my feverish breath My weary head found solace in the bosom of my beloved For a few […]

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Touching lives

There is a woman in my life.¬† I see her every morning. She comes home, neatly attired, smelling of the jasmine flowers that adorn her hair. When I open the door, she greets me with a warm, open smile. It is the kind of smile that you reserve for your near ones; the kind of […]

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Blogs that I love

Today, as part of Write Tribe’s Festival of Words, I will be showcasing four blogs that inspire me, motivate me to write well, make me laugh and keep me grounded. So, here they are. ¬†Spare the time to go over and read a few posts. You will not regret it, I guarantee you. The Orange […]

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