After 5 years of instructional blog posts on the art of conscious connection, digital marketing and growing a business online, it’s time for this blog to move towards something that deeply fulfills my personal goals.

As of February 2023, this blog will focus on the joys of veganism, the principles of regular fitness and movement, recipes that I make as a vegan home cook, restaurant reviews of vegan-friendly places, reviews of books and courses that I enjoy reading (or re-reading), some amount of travel writing and general life lessons plus personal updates.

There will soon be a drop-down list of these categories on the main menu of the home page.

Since I am not on any social media platform, except for LinkedIn, these blog posts won’t be promoted via any channels. That means, if you find my posts here, you’ve either been following my blog for a while now or you happened to stumble across it in some fashion. For that, I am deeply grateful and always happy to see any faces around here – both old and new.

The comment section of this blog will now be open for you to leave a question you may have for me or just share your insights on the subject of the post. Excited to get back to personal blogging and share the many lessons I’ve been learning on this new journey of mine. Thank you for being here. It means the world to me.

Shailaja V

Hi, I’m Shailaja, a blogger who’s been writing since 2007. My interests include books of all kinds, digital minimalism, veganism, health, nutrition, fitness and staying open to learning all the time. Welcome! Click here if you’d like an email when I publish new posts