You’re going to be completely surprised by the answer to this question, because you’ve probably not heard of them as much as the big names.

When I say ‘Best WordPress Hosting’ and even when I search for that term on Google, what names pop up? Can you guess?

BlueHost, SiteGround, A2, Cloudways, NameHero , Hostgator are some of the common names that pop up.

But , having tried Bluehost and regretted it considerably, I now wholeheartedly recommend only one name for hosting your WordPress blog.


What? Who? I know, right?

I felt the same way when I heard about them for the first time.

But, 15 months after I made the switch, I am delighted that I chose to do it.

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In today’s post I am going to share exactly why I chose ChemiCloud, why I absolutely will not recommend any other host and most importantly, why they are the best choice for you!

Even more important is this. Read through this entire post, follow the steps given and then make a decision based on all the information at your disposal.

For good measure, I have also included reviews and opinions from other bloggers who have made the switch to Chemicloud.

I truly want you to choose the best hosting provider for your budget and your needs.

This post contains Referral/Affiliate links. What that means is if you click on any of the links and make a purchase, I get a commission at no extra cost to you. Read my complete disclosure policy here.

They have the Best Reviews online

The first thing I would recommend before you choose any hosting provider is to look for reviews of them online.

Apart from bloggers who write reviews, focus on actual reviews from trusted websites such as and

These are crowd sourced reviews and will be open and honest. Meaning, quite literally, that the reviewers have nothing to gain, since they are not posting any affiliate links.

This is precisely what I did when I began scouting around for a switch from my previous host.

I wanted to ensure I wasn’t falling for any more traps or tricks from hosting companies under the guise of fabulous pricing.

Fortunately, the worst I could find was one 3-star review of the hundreds of 5-star reviews of this hosting platform.

Their Customer Support is top notch

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I say this after interacting with multiple people in the digital space.

Having a dedicated customer support team is the most crucial piece of a business’ success.

Showing your customers and potential clients that you truly care is such an integral part of being a good brand.

When I first heard of ChemiCloud, I reached out to them through their Chat Support.

The first thing that impressed me was that I got a response within 3 seconds of sending a request. Remember, I wasn’t a customer yet!

Then, I spent over an hour with the representative, asking him all kinds of questions that a non-technical blogger would ask.

From asking about site migration to the length of down time to how long I’d have to stay logged off my site, he answered every single question with patience and clarity.

All through the chat, there was no push or compulsion for me to make the switch to ChemiCloud. The service was truly selfless in that sense.

As a paying customer, I still get that same degree of professionalism, courtesy and commitment.

Understand that I’ve asked some really tricky questions (and some really foolish ones too!). Not once was I made to feel inadequate or lacking in this area.

That’s a huge win in my book.

The customer service is top-notch and they are present until you’re satisfied with the answer and also help with correct information.

-Deevyanka Pawar, Our Journey At Home

Don’t take my word for it. Just hit the button below and set up a chat with their support staff right away. Do it now. 🙂 hosting

Their Prices are Competitive

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Naturally, the first thing you wonder when it comes to going self hosted is how much it’s going to cost you.

I didn’t want to be shelling out too much money, especially since when I made the switch, I wasn’t exactly making a great deal from my blog.

At the same time, I wanted to get value for whatever I did end up paying.

Their plans start at $3.95/month for a 3-year plan for a single website.

I switched hosts because of the expensive renewal prices! ChemiCloud is extremely reachable. They once helped me restore my site when there was a plugin malware that caused the content to go for a toss.

-Ashvini Naik, FitBeWell

Their Plans are Transparent

It’s one thing to have super-low pricing options.

It’s quite another to be open and up front about it at the time of signing up.

I was very clear when I made the decision to sign up with ChemiCloud.

I specifically asked them how much I’d have to pay after my initial 3-year period was up.

I also mentioned that I had a second website and asked what would be the best plan, given that situation.

They patiently and carefully walked me through all of their pricing plans, the upgrades, the amount I’d have to pay now and what I’d need to pay 3 years later.

Currently, I am on their second-tier plan on which I can host unlimited websites.

I have two other sites, and and I don’t have to pay anything extra for hosting them both on top of this existing site. hosting

Most providers would be pushy and expect you to make the switch ASAP.

ChemiCloud on the other hand never rushed me on this count. Another win in my book.

The price tag was much much lower than what I was paying with my previous host. I contacted the customer support through their chat service and it was a breeze.

-Vinitha Dileep, Reflections

Phenomenal Up Time Peformance

The biggest thing holding me back from switching hosts in 2018 (apart from the cost factor) was the idea of downtime for my blog.

Of course, I wasn’t really earning any ad revenue at that time, so a couple of hours of downtime wouldn’t have really hurt me.

But I was keen to have as little downtime as possible.

To date, I have not had to worry about any downtime from ChemiCloud whereas with Bluehost I was firefighting the issue every week! On some days it used to be up to 10 hours of downtime!

With ChemiCloud, I travelled between two continents, went on long holiday, had huge spikes in traffic (got into an ad network in early February) and they handled all of that extra traffic without a glitch! hosting

Seamless Site Transfer

The site transfer or migration, as it is known is handled completely by the ChemiCloud team.

All you need to do is hand over the login details to your website’s admin panel, the previous hosting details and your domain’s login details.

I kid you not.

They transferred my entire site, with 10 years worth of content, together with all my media files and my blog comments in under 45 minutes!

I was amazed to see their message in my e-mail inbox confirming that the transfer was complete. hosting

Oh and even better? ZERO downtime during this process.

Oh yeah!

I started a new blog with Chemicloud. Their live chat support is instantaneous. They understand that I am a beginner by the tone of my words. They got in and fixed a glitch in seconds.

Leeba Verghese

45 Days Money Back Guarantee

Didn’t I mention that they were transparent?

They offer you a 45-day, no-questions-asked refund option.

If, for any reason, you are not satsified with ChemiCloud, they offer you a full refund within 45 days of signing up for the hosting plan.

If you’re wondering if you should move to a self hosted blog, read my 10 reasons to make the shift to your own website now

Sensible Affiliate Program

I really appreciate this about ChemiCloud.

They don’t offer crazy and superlative affiliate bonuses. That’s because they don’t need to. The quality of their service speaks for itself.

As a customer, you get to join their affiliate program after you’ve signed up for a hosting plan.

As an affiliate, I get to earn my bonuses only after careful and measured reviews.

Fantastic Technical Features

  • Their servers are lightning fast and you’d never have to worry about site speed being an issue. Site speed is an important component for SEO and Google.

    ChemiCloud ensures they always maintain valuable uptime of their server at all times of the day and night.

  • Dedicated, location-specific servers are another prized feature. Now you can find a location closer to where you live, to maximise better up time and performance.

    Currently, they have servers in 8 different locations: San Fransisco, New York, London, Amsterdam, Bucharest, Singapore, Bangalore and Sydney.

  • Daily remote Backups are a significant source of relief. Ever forget to backup your content or a plugin causing a conflict and you lost some data?

    Chemicloud’s remote backup ensures you never lose access to your precious data.

  • WordPress Staging is a very useful feature where you can set up a clone of your website to test out features such as a new theme or a new plugin.

    This is safer because it won’t impact your main website. ChemiCloud offers this option for free to its customers.

  • Free SSL certificate offered. You do know that one of Google’s primary requirements is the presence of a secure website.

    ChemiCloud offers a free SSL certificate with every purchase.

I’ve had people with zero technical background make the switch to ChemiCloud and they’ve all been more than satisfied with the process.

Some of them started with self hosting their site with ChemiCloud like Pavithra from Dice n Cook. Here’s what she had to say.

I wanted to shift from Free WordPress to self hosted WordPress. I was impressed by the support and help all through the transition process. They even recommended themes that I could choose for my new site. They’ve been a great support in solving problems.

Pavithra M Adiga, Dice N Cook



I do understand if you still have reservations after all of this.

Drop any of your questions and concerns in the comments below and I promise to address each of them personally.

Plus, I doubt you’d have any questions after you’ve chatted with ChemiCloud. Don’t wait. Click the banner below and set up a chat with them today. 🙂 hosting
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