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We are six rooms in this home
Each has its own persona
We are like interesting people
Whom you meet everyday on the street
But what makes us stand out
Is how we never retain the same aura
Not even for a whole day
Much less a week!
I, the living room, am meant to entertain guests
Yet I serve as a nesting place
For five comic books and three dolls
Oh and that dainty little tea party set too!
My sister, the dining area, is the most misused
The table in the centre holds it all
House keys, water bottles, grocery bags galore
Tennis racquets, hair clips and that fruit basket, ooh!
Our aunt, the kitchen, is the most visited room
Her display of cutlery and spices entice you in
Then, there on the counter you see it clearly,
Pencils, crayons and schoolbooks abound
Our cousin, the study, is tucked into a cosy nook
Everything from a laptop to a folder is what he hoards
Oh, wait, there’s also that bowl of fruit
Standing right next to those unfinished cups of tea
Our parent, the Master bedroom, should have its glory
Sanctified as it is by the name that it holds
Alas, the bed in there just holds the week’s laundry
And the space beneath, hides the cobwebs of old
Our baby sis, the other bedroom, is a haven for kids
For here you have glitter and glue and radium stickers too
She’s the messiest of us all but we don’t mind
For we enjoy the laughter that echoes off her walls
We thought we could stay pristine
Couldn’t have been more wrong
But this is parenting and motherhood
And it’s best we sing along
It’s Day 25

This post is my contribution to

   NaBloPoMo November 2013