How many of you approach content creation from a space of anxiety and dread? Is there a sense of ‘I have to do this or my audience will forget me‘?

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I was a guest on a podcast recently and one of the questions the host asked me was how do you decide to take a break from social media for 60 days and not worry about a possible loss of followers? Aren’t you concerned that your audience may forget about you, or the fact that if and when you do come back, you may not have that same level of engagement on your content?

I understand this mindset because I’ve been there and what I told her was and this is something that I believe each of us has to arrive at our own pace. 

When we create content or when we are connecting with our ideal audience from a space of love, we never have to worry about a drop in followers or lack of engagement. 

-Shailaja V
How to Create Content From a Space of Love featuring Shailaja V a blog, social media and productivity coach

Focus on creating only that content, which truly speaks to your soul, whether that content is on your website, on a podcast or on a YouTube video. It doesn’t really matter, because the truth is if your content speaks to your highest set of values and resonates deeply with your ideal clients/ your target audience, trust me, they will find you and they will wait for your content.

 As an example, there is a creator that I follow on medium. Her name is Caroline Leon. I’ve even interviewed her on my podcast recently and you can listen to that episode here too:


One of the things I wait for is her content every week on Medium because I know that she pours her heart into the content. She writes exactly what she feels, and she practices the principles of authentic business, true connection and value-based marketing. 

In other words, she doesn’t follow techniques or tricks or hacks to connect with her audience. She just believes in serving her audience with the highest ideals in mind. 

Contrast this with a lot of creators who may be creating from a space of fear. When you create from that space of fear, what happens is you are almost always considering the possibility of things not going your way. 

The possibility that perhaps people may not be resonating with your content or the possibility that people may be overwhelmed by all of this content that is out there and your work will get dismissed in the shuffle. But the truth is, the more consistently you show up – wherever that may be, that could be on Instagram, it could be on Facebook – the more regularly your audience learns to resonate with the content that you’re creating. 

None of that fear will ever overwhelm you again. 

As a business owner, you may be wondering how can you ensure that you have a thriving business if you’re not on all of these social media platforms.  You may be thinking:

“What if I don’t do Instagram reels or Facebook lives? Or if I’m not on LinkedIn, reaching out to all these people in my network? What would happen to my business?”

But the truth is, you don’t have to be doing all of those things. I’m not saying you shouldn’t do those things; I’m just saying you don’t have to be doing them. 

For instance, I don’t do Instagram reels. I never have and I don’t ever intend to do it. But that doesn’t mean my work doesn’t have value or that my audience doesn’t enjoy engaging with my content the way it is. Because in my opinion and the opinion of every authentic marketer out there, true value comes from providing service to your true audience. 

When that becomes your focus, you stop worrying about all these other tactics and all these other hustle marketing strategies, which tells you that you have to be available on every single platform in order to get your voice heard. 

So my genuine request to you is to stop creating from a space of fear and start creating from a space of love. Because here’s the interesting thing that happens when you start creating from a space of love. 

You start enjoying the work for its own sake. You stop looking at results. You stop worrying about follower numbers and you stop worrying about the number of email subscribers you have. 

You don’t even start worrying about things like whether your business is going to survive because, fun fact, when you focus on the process, the results automatically follow. You’re not even working towards a goal. The goal manifests on its own. 

As an example, one of the things I do is train people to help them with their productivity and their time management. Now in just the last month alone, I’ve had 3 different sessions with 3 completely different clients. 

Each of those clients has gotten back to me saying that things have opened up in their lives now that they’ve had those sessions. Now these clients know me from my work on the concept of productivity in time management. None of them are following me for my Instagram reels (which I don’t do in any case) or for my live sessions or for any of the tactics and strategies which tell you that you have to be on every particular social media platform. 

In fact, all of these clients have actually connected with me during my social media sabbatical. So what does that mean? 

It means that content is king. It means that serving your audience is far more important than following every particular strategy out there to get noticed. 

And this reminds me that one of those wonderful things about serving our audience that more of us need to do is that when we focus on serving our audience, the results will naturally follow. We don’t even have to be chasing it; it just happens. And it is that serendipity that I wish for every one of you as creators, because when that happens, not only will you enjoy the process, but you’ll see results even without expecting them to actually manifest. 

I hope that as you set forth as creators in your own specific endeavours, you find the joy in the art of creating for its own sake. 

I think because the joy that comes from that is absolutely unparalleled. You’ll never have to worry about whether you’re getting enough number of likes, enough number of comments, enough shares, or if you have gone viral because all of those things are very temporary. 

But serving your audience to their highest ideal, that is something that nobody can take away from you. And I sincerely hope that you find that same joy in the work that you do. 

Shailaja V

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