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Dear Gy, today’s post gave me a bit of pause. I was keen on talking about duty and perhaps dedication and later toyed with the idea of discipline. But I let go of all of that for another day and another post. Today, we’ll talk about delight and why it must be an important part of your daily existence.

What do you think delight looks like? Is it the moment that you see someone whom you’ve been longing to meet? Perhaps it’s that second when you open a gift to see your favourite book staring back at you. Or maybe you think it’s that feeling that overwhelms you when you notice a good grade on a report card.

Here’s the thing though. While all those moments are delightful, true delight can be found in the simple everyday things we usually take for granted. Let me give you an example.

You’ve been spending the last 10 days with your cousins. The younger one is a tiny scamp, less than 2 years of age, scurrying all over the house, wreaking havoc in his path. What do you notice about him? He loves playing! Give him an empty cardboard box and a few spoons and he’s busy putting them in and taking them out for hours together. Line up a few bowling pins and a plastic ball and his smile is worth capturing a million times over. Play his favourite rhymes and his face lights up like a thousand-watt bulb.

And he reminds me of you at that age! You were exactly like that. Silly things made you laugh and simple things made you happy.

A warm hug from me or a cuddle from Appa would send you into peals of delightful laughter. I still remember making you giggle uncontrollably while I’d put a plate on my head and pretend to balance it. Those belly laughs, oh how I remember them!

You still have the spark, but I don’t see it that often. You’re growing older, naturally, and tiny tantrums and disagreements hold sway on some days. The beaming face I know breaks into creased frowns and I know you’re battling a hundred feelings inside.

But ever so often, I see that gurgling laughter, the kind that makes your eyes light up and your smile wider than the breadth of my embrace. And my heart is glad. For I know you haven’t lost that ability to be delighted.

Children like you have a gift. Delight comes naturally to you. It’s only as we age that worries, life, stress and other challenges cloud our happiness and we have to make an effort to find the joy. But here’s what I want you to try.

Look for delight every single day.

Look for it in the clouds that dot the blue sky.Β Find it in the bark of a tiny puppy. Cherish it in the bloom of a young flower. Relish it in the chuckle of a baby. And also seek it in the reflection that stares back at you from the mirror each morning. But, most of all, find it deep within yourself. That’s where delight truly exists. It stays in a place that nobody else can find but you. Keep it safe and take it out every day.

Water it, tend to it, let it thrive. You owe it to yourself.


Lots of love,




Girl delighted with balloons tied to her hair. Pink with Delight



For the months of April and May, I will be writing short notes to my daughter on some concepts that I hold very dear.Β 

I hope you enjoy these snippets as much as I love writing them.

Thank you for being part of my journey.