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One of a mom’s worst nightmares is nappy rash and skin reddening due to frequent wetting.

I have managed to stick to cloth nappies during the day for Gy and a diaper or two at night to help her sleep right through.

Early on, the diaper changes would be every 30 minutes or so. Then that became every hour or two.

For her, I have hardly had nappy rash trouble except for once when there was a bad fungal infection.For that the doctor recommended the cream candide. That worked wonders and the problem was gone within 4 days.

Photo courtesy: NappyDays

The cloth nappy I use comes with its own velcro. I place a cloth pad inside and line the pad with a disposable liner (not the sanitary pad-like liner which Johnson’s sells)¬†which has a tissue feel to it. The tissue keeps the baby’s skin dry while pulling the wetness into the cloth nappy. Great stuff! Topped it off with a pair of underpants to keep the nappy in place. Sounds a bit tedious and heavy for the baby, but given the coldness of Bangalore, it is worth it and not uncomfortable.

The brand I found economical and effective was the Tinycare one. It doesn’t impede movement for a crawling infant or a toddler who wants to explore that nook in that forbidden corner of the house.

Another preventive home remedy is to apply coconut oil before putting on the nappy. Keeps rashes at bay. An equally good oil to use is ‘Mahanarayana Thailam’ or ‘Valiya Narayana Thailam’ available in good Ayurvedic stores. Look for the brands from Kottakkal or Vaidyarathnam.

Update: (2013) From what I have been reading, there is a very good cloth diaper brand called Bumgenius. I haven’t used it personally, but have heard rave reviews from moms who have. It is a tad on the higher side in terms of pricing, however, keep in mind that these are re-usable like cotton underpants and not the ‘use and throw’ variety.