Faith for its own sake

Faith for its own sake

Do you have a talisman? 

A charm? A keepsake or a souvenir that you cherish? 
Something that warms your heart when you see it?

I do. It’s a watch, given to me by my Guru. 
It reinforces a belief that there is a Higher Power watching over me.

 I turn to it when I am depressed, lonely and in despair.
When I face a mountain that seems insurmountable, the talisman comes to my rescue.

When I am filled with gratitude, the talisman serves as a reminder that we must give thanks for the little things in life and never take them for granted.

The minute I am tasked with the impossible task of ‘letting go‘, the watch is there to help me get through it. 

Some may wonder how an inanimate object can help you through a crisis. It has no emotion, cannot coax you to feel better or convince you that there is a silver lining.

It can do those things, if you have the faith that it can. 

Just the way a child has faith that her teddy bear is alive and needs her at night.

Just the way that an idol assumes importance because of the deity that it represents.

Just the way that a wedding band or a mangalsutra symbolises the bond that is marriage.

Do you know what I love about Faith? It’s free, always available and isn’t bound by space.

Today, in the words of my Guru, I will leave you with what the watch stands  for. 

We must always watch our:

W– Words

Word count: 264

Written for the A to Z 2014 Challenge

F is for Faith

My theme for the month is : Introspection in shades of 11

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0 thoughts on “Faith for its own sake

  1. Gurus for us are source of light, inner strength, enlightenment. I don't owe any such talisman. But since childhood have been taught to count my blessings. 🙂 Your meaning of watch is really beautiful and worth following!

  2. I have a small idol of ganesha which always helps me and guides me through the difficulties 🙂 thats the first thing i turn to wen am happy or sad!

    (I did try to include my blog link in comment but my cell wouldnt allow it 🙁 it shows error! Plz pardon me for this!)

  3. i like the idea of a talisman. i don't have one myself, but it's a great addition to a character's stigma. you've inspired me! and i love your WATCH defined!
    happy F day!

  4. Beautiful exploration of Faith. Loved the creativity of including the acrostic and then, loved the wisdom of the words included within it. Great job, Shailaja. 🙂

  5. At my workstation, in my first job, I had a Shirdi Sai baba photo and I never started my work without bowing down first. I think faith and trust are very important in life. Without faith there's no hope.

  6. Faith is a wonderful thing. It strengthens, motivates and takes us forward with confidence. I have a number of talismans, made powerful by the people I associate with them.

    Lovely post!

  7. I dont have a talisman Shailaja. But there is something i do have. i lost my brother five years ago. We were very close, best friends, despite the five year age difference. We would discuss everything about our lives with each other. After he died, I was in a deep shock. But over the years, my memory of him, that lives in my mind, has turned out to be my strength in tough situations. I turn to him, when i feel i need some advice, and i am never let down 🙂

  8. F for faith indeed — What a beautiful post Shailaja…:-) I have a strong voice of faith also, and when I manage to listen to it I feel nothing is impossible.. Also have an amulett from my grandmother which I feel gives me strength…

  9. Okay, I have this lovely soft toy which is half the size of my palm and which shouts keech keech and I carry it everywhere I go… One day some friends meddled with my bag and they stole it.. 🙁 My heart gets heavier whenever I think of it 🙁 🙁

    Participant|AtoZ Challenge 2014
    Smile, it makes (y)our day!

  10. That was a wonderful thought to absorb this afternoon, Shailaja. I dont have any inanimate object as my talisman but I strongly believe that faith matters a lot! Loved the acronym for WATCH! ♥

  11. Dear friend,
    A lovely post about faith. I, too, have a very strong faith, but it is in my Lord, Jesus Christ, son of the Almighty. I don't have a talisman, however. Faith comes in many packages, does it not? Thank you for reminding all of us of the importance of faith. Ruby
    Blabbin' Grammy

  12. Beautiful Shailaja… I've been there- no, still there!! I have a teddy with me, even after the wedding 😛 I've my small Krishna Idol wherever I go, to give me faith and make me believe..And I have my wedding ring and magalsutra to make me feel loved! Amazing!!! 🙂

  13. Faith is a huge thing. And to attach it to an object, somehow I may not have experienced it. Yes I do believe that whatever happens I have HIM around. A sense of belief exists every moment..


  14. What I love best about your posts is the simplicity with which you talk about such complex things. Loved the idea behind your watch. Faith does make things possible.

  15. Gauri, I am deeply sorry for your loss. I know the bond siblings share and I can only imagine the pain you must still feel. But I applaud the way you turn that pain into a strength that you draw upon in times of need. That is true Faith. I salute you.

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