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Sponsored Posts/ Social Media Promotion Package/ Product Reviews

  • Do you write Sponsored posts and/or Social Media Collaborations?

I write these posts, provided they fit in with the theme and the focus of my blog and are in line with my target audience. Sponsored posts will also be written solely at my discretion.

For full details on blog stats, my media kit, the social media promotion for such posts, please send me a mail at :


  • Do you accept  Promotional posts?

No, not at this time. Promotions may be accepted if they fall under the purview of Sponsored posts. Please reach out via e-mail for further details.

  • Do you accept Guest Posts on your blog?

Yes! Come 2018, I am opening up the blog to guest posts once a month. If you blog about anything in the following niches, then you’d be perfect.

  1. Blogging and Social media tips
  2. Productivity Tips
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Pinterest StrategiesFirst, read my guidelines on guest post eligibility and then reach out by e-mail for further details. If you’re a good fit for the blog, I’d love to feature you.
  • What have you written and where can I read it? 

Here are the guest posts I have written:

Unconditional on Vidya Sury’s blog

Yelling less: The Journey Within on Shanaya Tales

5 Ways Parenting is exactly like blogging on Rachna Says

10 Things to do when you write a blog post on Over Coffee with Shruti

  • Do you write Product reviews?

Yes, I do.

Typically, I write reviews for items that I have used myself. Please note that all requests for reviews will be confirmed only after due discussion.

The review is exactly that: an honest opinion about the product, without being expected to highlight only the positive elements. This will fall under Sponsored posts and will have to be compensated accordingly.

You are welcome to send across items for review with the understanding that I will write a completely balanced post.  Reviewing a product is solely at my discretion.

  • Do you  rent out advertising space on your blog?

Yes. Please get in touch by email for more details. 

Is there any other query that you would like answered?

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