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Maybe the most interesting thing to see is the way a child takes or rejects anything new offered to her. In this journey with my only child, I have tried to make a list of her diet through the first year.

In general, she never rejected anything new.Though she does have the habit of taking a first bite, spitting it out and then proceeding to finish the meal! Talk about a juvenile wine taster.

I managed to compile a Google doc of her diet which can be traced here. This is probably most useful for vegetarians as our family does not partake of anything non-veg.

Diet chart for baby (ages 0 to 10 months)

Things to remember:

  1. Never force a child to eat anything. Not worth it and more importantly you don’t want a fussy eater on your hands later in life.
  2. If the child cries the first time you give solid food, it may not mean she dislikes it. My baby wanted me to feed her faster and it is a good thing I found out fast:)
  3. Food intake should be increased gradually.
  4. New foods are best tried with a 3 to 4 day gap.
  5. Try new foods during the day so any allergic reactions can be detected early.