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In it I will cover:⠀

🔔How to work on your profile⠀

🔔 How to create a content strategy for this platform⠀

🔔How to decide what you should post and when!⠀

🔔 How to write engaging content⠀

🔔 Massive List of hashtags across multiple niches that you can use⠀

Frequently Asked Questions

🤔 Can I still sign up for the course?

💥Yes you can! The course is always open and always free to everyone who wants to grow their Instagram page organically.

🤔Can I take the course if I am not a blogger?

💥Absolutely! The course shares tips on how to post content and grow your engagement on this platform. You don’t need a blog to do that.

🤔Can I be sure to gain ‘x’ number of followers in a short period of time?

💥That is one thing I cannot guarantee. Simply because, this will depend on the quality of your content and the level of your engagement.

But the ones who DO engage will stay with you in the long run. That is what I teach in the course.

🤔What are you getting from this course?

💥Honestly? Nothing apart from your e-mail address and being added to my newsletter.

🤔Why are you doing it for free?

💥There are TONS of courses on how to grow your followers quickly and how to game the algorithm. I really wanted to work on sustainable organic growth and did a lot of research on what would work.

Over the last year and a half, I have studied what works and what doesn’t and wanted to put something together to help people navigate this platform. I decided to do it for free because a lot of what I learnt was also available for free.

🤔Will you make this course paid in the future?

💥As of now, there are no such plans. It will be free forever 🙂

What Students Say

Shailaja, Thank you so much for this course! I liked it because it was so easy to follow; your e-mails were short and crips; the pictures and screenshots added were easy to apply and it helped me understand new things

Priyanka Mansotra

My Eloquent Wardrobe

Shailaja’s short Instagram course was very enlightening! I personally got to know many insights about hashtags, tools and content. I would highly recommend her to all the budding bloggers out there to follow her on all platforms.

Veena Ruban

That Dusky Mom

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