The number of women who choose to be full-time moms and run a business is rising. So much so that a new word has sprung up to describe their hardworking, dedicated, and passionate nature: “Mompreneur”.

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Who is a Mompreneur?

Basically, a mompreneur is a woman who successfully juggles parenting and a new profession (which is usually a home-based business).

She balances the demands of motherhood and the uncertainties of launching a company in order to bring in extra money or to fulfill a passion.

She must be a super multi-tasker and a self-motivator if she wants to keep her family and her business running smoothly.

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The companies created by mompreneurs are as varied as the businesswomen themselves.

However, we’ve noticed that mompreneurs choose to be involved in passion-projects, whether it’s an artistic, political, or educational enterprise.

Here are some examples of home-based businesses run by full-time moms:

  • Author/Blogger
  • Virtual assistant
  • Editor/Proofreader
  • Event planner
  • Real estate agent
  • Graphic designer
  • Virtual tutor
  • Marketing specialist
  • Business consultant
  • Accountant

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Obviously, starting a business while running a family isn’t for the faint of heart.

From the get-go, know that you’ll make mistakes and have moments of frustration (on both the parenting and professional side of things).

But also know that ultimately, the rewards (personally and financially) are worth the effort.


Be a know-it-all (in your area of interest)

Let’s say you know a whole lot about hand-dyed yarns and have been knitting items for years. Now you want to start an online store to sell your goods.

While you’re very knowledgeable about your materials, what do you know about virtual commerce?

If you don’t know how to establish an online presence, do your research.

Block out time to study what you don’t know until you have the info you need at your fingertips.

Trust us, if you waste valuable time “winging it,” undoubtedly, you’ll feel defeated before you even get started.  

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Laugh it off

As you should know from motherhood, things don’t always go as planned.

For example, there was a time when I wore new white pants to dinner and didn’t realize until dessert that the backside was scribbled with purple marker.

What did I do? I chose to call attention to it and laugh at myself rather than hide in embarrassment.

The lesson here is to embrace the messy parts of mompreneurship.

We encourage you to find comfort in the fact that countless moms have soldiered on through awkward moments—and so will you.

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Prepare for the Unexpected

Expect the unexpected. Be confident that your problem solving skills as a mom will kick in when you need them.

By necessity, you’re already a creative thinker and capable of making split-second decisions.

The key is knowing that there’s a very good chance your days won’t go exactly as planned.

To prepare for this, try to leave space in your schedule for last minute adjustments (or unexpected moments to just chill!).

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Have an agenda

If you’re a morning person who thrives on getting things done before the rest of the family is awake, the perfect window of time to focus on your business may be before the sun has completely risen.

On the flip side, if your brain fires up after dark, try waiting until the house settles down for the night before turning your attention to business matters.

Of course, if you need to interact with clients during traditional 9 – 5 hours, you won’t have as much freedom when it comes to your schedule.

No matter what, don’t try to copy someone else’s hourly plan. Instead play around with your time until you figure out what works best for your family and you.

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Ask for help

If you add “plan a business” to your already overpacked schedule, as a seasoned multi-tasker, there’s a good chance you would just take it in stride.

That said, there will be times, especially at the beginning, when you’ll be overwhelmed and need some assistance.

Mompreneurs need to know when to ask for help. There is no shame in reaching out, whether it’s to hire someone to upgrade your computer or to watch the kids for an afternoon.

Remember that being a martyr won’t help your family or your business to thrive.

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Look for Inspiration

With so much on your plate, this is not the time to reinvent the wheel, nor is it the time to feel alone in your endeavors.

What we mean is, before you spend hours trying to solve a problem by yourself, look to others for a reliable solution. Chances are they’ve already been there and done that.

Use the internet to discover what other business start-ups have struggled with (from website glitches to social media snafus to client misunderstandings).

Talk to other mompreneurs, learn from them and allow them to learn from you, too.

No matter how savvy you feel, it never hurts to have a peer group on call to share ideas, triumphs, and failures.

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When you’re excited about your new business venture, it’s easy to get caught up and spend far too many hours at work.

Be mindful of your schedule and make a habit of planning some serious “me time” at least once a week.

Whether it’s a trip to the gym, a date night, or just an evening alone with a good book, doing something for yourself so you feel on top of your game is key to optimal performance as a mompreneur.

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Talk about your Success

There’s no shame in broadcasting your success to friends and family, or even writing about your achievements online.

As long as you keep your messages professional and focused on you (and never cast other companies in a negative light), you should make a point of keeping folks up to date on your company’s progress.

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The role of motherhood is expanding. This is probably due to the fact that lots of women feel like something is missing if they remain focused solely on family issues.

Turns out, by introducing a business venture into their lives, mothers are feeling more fulfilled.

Certainly, it’s all-consuming to run a family and a business (especially a business from the ground up).

However, since moms are the best multi-taskers ever and they’re often inexhaustible, it’s the solution that rings true for more and more modern families every day. 

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