Parenting Rules are way too many! Do you agree? If you said ‘Yes’, chances are you aren’t a parent. And guess who is on my blog today! The most adorably talkative D, son of lovely parenting and book blogger, Anamika Agnihotri. I am extremely happy to host her and her son today on the blog. I hope you chuckle your way through this post the way I did when I read it the very first time! This is a part of the Guest Post series on my blog.

Mommy’s rules must take a holiday

She is sweet.

No, she is strict.

I can’t decide.

Yes, she is strict.

She has the penchant for making rules and tells me I HAVE to follow them. She says we are a team and the rules are the same for both of us. I doubt this. Also, if we are a team then doesn’t it mean that I can also make rules for us which she must follow? Sadly, this is not how things happen in my home.

Let me enlighten you about the rules in my house –

Rule #1 – No TV/mobile on weekdays

I have to wait all week to watch TV and to play a game on Mummy’s mobile phone. If you think I have the pleasure to indulge in TV and mobile phone games all day on Saturday and Sunday, you are wrong. All my friends watch TV every day but Mummy says we will do this differently. Differently! What is that? Did we buy the TV faaltu main (in vain)?

Before the summer vacations, I was sure Mummy must be watching TV behind my back when I used to be in school. When I enquired about the same, she refused.

Lies. Lies. Lies.

I have seen myself the remotes changing places. I have found them on the sofa handles, upon my return from school, instead of the TV cabinet. I asked her ( I never keep my doubts to myself. I always ask. ) how come the remotes are moving around without legs or wheels. Cunningly, she blamed the maid for giving them legs and wheels while dusting. Blaming the other is not right, she taught me and she does it herself. Is she confused?

Rule #2 – No reading while eating.

Do you know I love reading? Tinkle, World map, World Atlas, and newspaper are my favourite – Tinkle because Mummy told me it was her favourite too when she was a child and it has interesting stories; World map and World Atlas because this world is a fascinating place with 180 countries; newspaper because it contains day-to-day news about various countries and places.

When you love something very much, can you stay apart from it? Wouldn’t you like to go on and on with it? Mummy does not adhere when I tell her eating is boring, reading is not.

I always find her with tea and biscuits while reading on her Kindle. Breaking the rule, is she not?

Rule #3 – Pizza only once a month. All other junk food in moderation.

Eating is boring, I have already said it. It is all the more boring if it is not pizza and pizza does not happen every other day. Pizza is not healthy but it is yum. Why all yummy things are junk like Kurkure, Maxx Chips, chocolate biscuits, cold drinks, and pizza?

I have to tell you all I am doing great for a 6-year-old. I eat most of the veggies like baigan (brinjal), all types of beans, kaddu (pumpkin), cabbage, beetroot and many more. I am not boasting as Mummy praised me for this since she only ate bhindi (okra) at 6. Bhindi is also my favourite. And pizza. Yum. Yum. Yum.

Rule #4 – No dragging/moving my toy trucks and cars around the house.

To start with, I did not take this rule seriously. I usually did not listen to Mummy while she pointed it out to me. Frankly speaking, it was impossible to hear my own words, leave alone hers, when there was so much noisy fun.

This did not go down well. The aunty who lived in the apartment below ours came to scold Mummy on more than one occasion. She even sent out the security guards to check upon us once. I felt bad and I stopped.

Later on, I became interested in Basketball and began practicing dribbling at all times. Aunty came upstairs once again.

Rule #5 – My photos and videos do not go on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

I was quite impressed with the videos of Corinne Aunty and Shailaja Aunty which my Mummy watched one week. I thought I can also make my own video and get it uploaded on YouTube for people to watch it. I was sure I will get famous then like the singing girl in the movie ‘Secret Superstar’ and people will come to take my autograph. I have already started practicing my autograph signature.

Thus, I made a video in which I made up a song on Florida shooting and sang it. Mummy refused to post it on YouTube, not even on Facebook. She only let me send it to Papa on Whatsapp. I bet this had something to do with the fact that she couldn’t stop laughing when I showed it to her. She has the knack for killing my interests, I tell you.

There are many other rules which I have forgotten presently. I am too happy these days with the summer vacations going on and finally, I have got together with my Papa after staying away from him for a long time. Papa is easy going and he is game for ‘No rules life’. “Oh God, this is heaven,” is what he says when he is extremely happy.

Mummy’s rules have to go on a holiday now.

A note of thanks – I am grateful to Shailaja for being kind to give me the opportunity to write a guest post for her blog. For this post, I was not able to shirk off the writer’s/blogger’s block I was going through after having taken a long blogging break, therefore I handed over the baton to my son, D. In this post, my contribution is limited to giving a voice in writing to his spoken sentiments. However, the truth is – this is what I usually do on my blog, as well.

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Parenting rules from a cute kid making naughty faces

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