Want to learn how to get engaged Instagram Followers?

In June of 2019, I began to pay serious attention to growing my Instagram Followers.

I’d read so much about gaining multiple followers overnight and something didn’t add up, especially if this was happening organically.

Instead, I dug deep and started working on the most important thing: Followers who would stick around!

Not an exponential growth of followers, but the gradual number of engaged followers.

The chart below shows you my growth from the end of June of 2019 till the end of August 2019.

I went from 1800 followers in June end to 2400 followers by the end of August.

Notice that there is no downward trend at all. Every follower who began following, has stayed on and stuck around.

What does this mean for you? Better engagement; Better clients; Better growth in the long-term.

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