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If you’re a mother, then chances are you’ve had to keep all kinds of writing material out of reach at some point of time. If you haven’t, don’t worry, I guarantee that day isn’t too far off.

There’s this eight-year-old dining table we have, which got converted into a quasi work station a few years ago. It’s a rich shade of brown, or at least it was, and the polish was a lovely one.

Knowing how I feel about scribbling on walls, Gy has always been careful to avoid doing that. Of course, I do find a star drawn under the bedroom socket or her name, in a miniscule font at the entrance to her room. I generally choose to overlook these, since they are so cute! Plus, having washable distemper on your walls is an advantage!

One afternoon, after my customary siesta, I awoke to the sound of silence. Ordinarily, this doesn’t freak me out, since Gy is the quiet type, reading a book to herself or playing with her toys in her room. That day, however, I sensed something out of place.

As I walked into the study, she jumped up from the table, where she had been sitting, hunched over the desk. I quickly walked up there to discover that she had inscribed the table, in permanent ink, no less!

I was ready to raise my voice at her, for destroying the table, when her artwork caught my eye.

How could I be angry with what she had done?  Staring me in the face, was an expression of absolute love and sincerity,something that only an innocent child is capable of doing.

And, darling, we love you too, with all our hearts! Just make sure you use a paper next time 😉

{This post is my contribution to the NaBloPoMo Challenge, 2013}