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Don’t you love connotations? They make life so much more pleasurable.

J is for Just. And that one word carries a wealth of meaning, all by itself.

Just can mean ‘quite simply’. It can mean ‘very recently’. It can mean ‘precisely or exactly’.

Just also means ‘missing by a narrow margin’.

And that is JUST what today’s post is about. Or perhaps it is all of the above. You be the judge.

Just the other day, I had a fall. This wasn’t your average slip-and-twist-your-ankle kind of fall. Oh, no. This was the one where I slipped in a pool of water, two inches deep, went flying through the air, landed hard on my face and banged my chin,forehead and shoulder against the ground, literally causing my teeth to rattle and bleed.

No, it wasn’t pretty and it certainly wasn’t the way I pictured my Tuesday evening. For about ten seconds after I fell, I went into shock. I literally could not move. Then, the survival instinct kicked in. I was alone at home, so this meant I needed help. With difficulty, I picked myself up and made two calls: one to  my neighbour and the other to my husband. Both of them dropped everything and came running. While the floors were being mopped up and I was being given first-aid, the scenario and the plus points kept playing out in my mind. I was obviously in a whole lot of pain and wanted the whole thing to just disappear from memory.

I was JUST glad that it had been me who had fallen and not my daughter. I doubt I could have taken the pain of watching her go through it all.

I was incredibly touched that friends JUST came rushing to my rescue- a fact that I am always grateful for, while living in my amazing community.

The fact that I had JUST escaped a fracture, a possible concussion and perhaps loss of consciousness, was not lost on me. Considering I was all alone at the time this happened, you can understand what a sense of relief washed over me when I realised this.

At the end of the day, I know it hurts when you are in pain, depressed, unable to eat the things you love and have bruises to show for the fall. 
But, just remember, it could have been much worse.
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