Gy loves Krishna and I mean wholeheartedly so. She adores his stories of mischief, the tales of valour and the majesty of his description. Put it down to her love for mythology and the Little Krishna series that used to air on Nick Jr.

She indulges in a great deal of make-believe play. Usually, she adorns the role of a teacher in the modern setting and occasionally takes the avatar of characters from the Indian stories. Even as I type this, she is enacting a scene from the Mahabharata, where Krishna is attempting to convince Arjuna on the need to fight his own flesh and blood.

I can understand the appeal. As a child, I used to imagine I was Meera, the soulful singer in yearning for her beloved, the Lord himself. I used to admire the way Rukmini spoke about her love for Krishna and used a Tulsi leaf to explain this to Satyabhama. And who doesn’t love the mischievous antics of the butter-thief, who used to steal curds and cream from all the households in the vicinity?

So, it wasn’t too much of a surprise that at a recent birthday party, Gy insisted on this as her preferred tattoo πŸ™‚ Β Honestly, I have to say that I can’t blame her.

Maybe there’s a Meera in her after all!

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