Learning the Value

Learning the Value

There’s an interesting paradox that plays out in life. We appreciate the value of something only when it isn’t there. 

Day after day, it can be right there, stare us in the face and yet we miss it dreadfully when we can’t experience it anymore. 

I was reminded of this soon after my fall. For three whole weeks, I was on a strict liquid diet. No chewing, said the doctor. Easier said than done. After the initial pain subsided, I looked enviously at my husband who bit into a slice of juicy watermelon. I eyed rice with longing while I gulped my milk. Guiltily, I even stared at my daughter as she innocently munched on a biscuit.

When I was finally told I could commence solids, the gratitude in my face was palpable. I swore I would never take anything for granted again.

But I know I will lapse into complacence once I am back to normal.

I know I will value those flowers when I cannot smell them anymore. 

I know I will value my spouse even more, when he is away on business. Here,  I am reminded of his impish response one time, when I called him a week into his travel and said, ” Gy and I miss you so much “. He said, ” But, naturally. You cannot miss me if I’m right there with you. “

Jokes apart, that’s the reason we value all those moments, right from eating normally to a healthy relationship. The fact that they mean so much to us, especially when we don’t have them in our grasp anymore.

Today, I choose to slow down and smell those flowers. 

I choose to sit and listen to my daughter jabber away about mythological beings. 

I choose to cherish every morsel of food that passes my lips, knowing that there are many who can’t even afford that basic need.

In my hands is the ability to value what I have, right here, in this moment. 

Dear readers, tell me, what do you value the most in your life?

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Written for the A to Z 2014 Challenge

V is for Value

My theme for the month is : Introspection in shades of 11

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0 thoughts on “Learning the Value

  1. Oh yes, we have to take time to smell the flowers, look at the blue sky, the birds, to smile .. to appreciate every moment – even how small it is – it is life:-) beautifully said, Shailaja – inspirational start of my day- thanks dear:-)

  2. We understand the value of something only when we don't get it. You have brought out the value of small things,though very important, in a practical way. Thanks for such a valuable post.

  3. Probably we know how valuable they are, but we actively think of it only when we miss them. Something like, making your presence felt by your absence ! And then we know how stupid we are, taking everything for granted. This works the same for something as small as a bite of chocolate, to something as big as a relationship !

    Superb piece, this one !!

  4. Yes, isn't that the sad truth – we value something only when we miss it 🙂 Thanks Shailja for this thoughtful post, a good reminder for all of us to wake up and smell the flowers…now 🙂

  5. Thought-provoking post!

    There are so many things that we take for granted: from mundane stuff like tap water, electricity, etc. to unseen things like fresh air, and our health and life itself.

    Yours is my third 'Value' post today (including my own), and each is different from the others!

  6. So true…we often forget to value what we have…I value my family most..but sometimes in the rush of life I get confused..like do I stay away from family for my job..if I don't have a job how will I take care of my family..so its quite hard to be at peace with what we value and what we have I feel sometimes

    V for Violated-Random Thoughts Naba

  7. I agree with you… Since childhood in stories I read, movies I have watched I have learned we value things when they are no more in our reach. Somewhere it has lead me to value everything that I have. I get easily dettached sometime and hence I don't miss many things later when they are not there!

  8. True that we get so caught up/ complacent about so many things in life that we understand the value only when it is not there! It really helps if you consciously practice gratitude. So many things I value Shailaja…the list is endless and so is my gratitude for all.

  9. I meant to write about the value of things, but somehow got side-tracked into the value of values. 🙂 Here's a poem for you – one of my all-time favorites:

    “Thirty spokes converge upon a single hub;
    It is on the hole in the center that the use of the cart hinges;

    We make a vessel from a lump of clay;
    It is the empty space within the vessel that makes it useful;

    We make doors and windows for a room;
    But it is the empty spaces that make the room livable;

    Thus, while the tangible has advantages;
    It is the intangible that makes it useful.”

    ― Tao Te Ching

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