Less is more

Less is more

In January this year, I made a decision. It involved cutting back, primarily on sugar and sweetened delicacies.

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There was no sign of diabetes or hint of high cholesterol. But there was a sign of addiction. What seemed perfectly harmless and normal was turning into an obsession. 

 You know how it is: you go to a party, the hostess asks you to try a slice of delicious chocolate cake, just this once. 

You attend a family event and the plates are piled high with milk sweets and deep fried delights. You decide to indulge, just this once.

You’re at home, having finished a full meal and you spy that bar of chocolate in the freezer. You take a bite, just this once.

Here’s the thing: Just this once translates into many, many times over the course of a week. And before you know it, you’re popping sweets willy-nilly! I decided it was time to put the brakes on. It was time to go the lesser route.

So, it began. A 90-day regimen without processed sweets or sugars. Not even a taste. 

Was it hard? To be honest, yes, since I have a sweet tooth. 

How did I manage the cravings? By munching on nuts and raisins.

How far have I come? Well, as of tomorrow, I will complete 90 days 🙂

Why 90 days? Come back here tomorrow to know the answer 😉

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Written for the A to Z 2014 Challenge

L is for Less

My theme for the month is : Introspection in shades of 11

Also linking this to the Ultimate Blog Challenge for April


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0 thoughts on “Less is more

  1. So true post!!.. Less is indeed the new more!!! I never ass sugar in my beverages.. as I am a foodie, i eat a lot of cheese, carbs, etc (I should review it nah in Zomato etc) so I cut on the sugars totally. That's the secret of my figure inspite of the fact that I eat in restaurants often…

    Participant|AtoZ Challenge 2014
    Smile, it makes (y)our day!

  2. Well, well! Yell-free, sugar-free, …
    I started having coffee without sugar a few years back. No diabetes, just wanted to cut down on sugar (and calories!) intake. It's not been a problem at all. Of course, I do have sugar in coffee if served that way at anybody else's place.

  3. It is an achievement, Shailaja 🙂 Especially because you've conquered the sweet tooth 🙂 This means you can choose to have or not to have it hereafter. I wish I could do away with some addictions too ; not sweets, but the usually munching 🙂 I've successfully turned my back on ice creams ; its been a little more than 3 years now ! 🙂

  4. Yay Shailaja! Way to go! I also believe sugar can be addictive, and try to avoid. And have discovered so many amazing sweets (sugarless) here in India – using dates, dried fruit, nuts – So yummy! Don't feel I forsake anything really, and my body (and mind) seems happy:-) But I dont feel I forsake anything either, and that's important I think… Whatever comes natural for each person:-) Hugs to you – loved your sharing today:-)

  5. Well done, Shailaja!
    A complete break from eating them is the only way, because tapering doesn't work for these things. Either way there are withdrawal symptoms 😀

    Good going! You have done yourself a HUGE favor.

  6. I don't consume too much sugar and am not too fond of sweets either but chocolates are an absolute favorite :-). Have cut down quite a bit on chocolates too the last few months.. Must say you have a will of steel to completely avoid them though!

  7. Hey, all the best and wish you luck. I'm addictive to sugary stuffs, choco and what's not er can't say No to sweetening stuffs that I readily pop. I need some reality check, too:) Do lemme kno how it goes:)

  8. We all have a sweet tooth in our family and sweets after meals are a must, so I can imagine how tough it must have been initially. But you DID it!! 90 days is a super cool time to stay without sweets… hats off lady and you have inspired me too! Thanks 🙂

  9. I am inspired by your actions!
    how did you manage tea/coffee?

    I think I will try this – except for sugar in tea and coffee.. will try to cut down everywhere else!

  10. Haha I think I commented on this when you had started the challenge.. I would have definitely bowed out on the first day and shamelessly. I eat a chocolate a day and that I cant stop 😀

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