Lessons from daily blogging- {NaBloPoMo Day # 8}

Lessons from daily blogging- {NaBloPoMo Day # 8}

It’s day 8 of the NaBloPoMo challenge and there’s one thing for sure; it’s utterly challenging!

When I started blogging, I would write when the mood struck me. This would be inspired by something I had experienced, either as a mom or as a teacher, and sometimes, just as me.

Daily blogging has helped me in two ways:

1. Discipline- The kind of commitment that you are willing to put in when you set a goal for yourself is both surprising and satisfying. Each evening, I sit down to punch the keys on my laptop and publish a new post and each time, I feel really tired and on the verge of giving up. In the last three days, I came close to just putting up a picture and letting that be the post for the day.

2. Writing- Just sitting down to pen my thoughts has made me look far more closely at my writing skills. I re-read and edit my post twice before I publish it. I scan it to ensure that it is largely readable and not redundant.

And the most satisfying thing about this challenge is that it is its own reward. There is no pot of gold at the end of the journey. I am just relishing the scenery as it passes me by.

Here’s to more blogging and more writing!


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0 thoughts on “Lessons from daily blogging- {NaBloPoMo Day # 8}

  1. Glad you are getting something out of this experience! I find myself being much less critical of y writing and barely editing-not sure if that is a good thing or not.

  2. I really appreciate all the growth that comes from practice, too. The more you write, the better you get but, yup, that takes discipline. ::: Sigh :::

  3. So so true about the regular writing practice. I'm always saying I don't have time to write. I may not be writing amazing things, but the truth is every single day this month I've found time to write, even just a little. It's a wonderful feeling, isn't it?

  4. I have to agree on the feeling. Never thought I would make time every day. As luck would have it, I am battling a bad sprain and sitting for too long hurts, but the determination to blog is quite surprising!

  5. This post hit the nail on the head for me. I usually write on the go, and often update my blog a couple of weeks/months later and I find myself re-writing the posts, often a couple of times before I publish. It also takes a lot of discipline to keep the blog updated and NaBloPoMo is spurring me on, as much as I am not taking part. Thanks for sharing, I do look forward to reading your posts and I hope you continue even after NaBloPoMo is over….

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