As mothers, we go through a gamut of experiences, some of them thrilling, some terrifying, many of them hilarious, a few of them depressing, but all of them are memorable. They leave an indelible mark on us as we plod through the parenting cobblestones, wondering if we are doing things right, hoping that we aren’t messing up and praying that our children turn out as happy, content individuals.

Typing out this post, all I need to do to relish my childhood, is close my eyes and think of my mother. She is, quite simply, the most loving, most affectionate and greatest individual I have ever known. And, to say that, every person feels that way about her mother, is probably true. But, her mothering extended beyond us- her children. It embraced everyone she came in touch with. It engulfed every child and adult that she connected with, even briefly. To this day, if I meet a person from my past, the first thing that comes out of their mouths (after the customary ‘how-do-you-do’) is if my mother is well and what she is doing these days.

Inspired by this incredible post that I read a few days ago, here is at least a short list of things that I would want my daughter to recall when she is grown up and thinks about her childhood.

1. How my mother sat and listened to me, as I told her all about the new girl in school.

2. How she let me untangle the knots in my hair, each day and every day, since she knew I would do a good job (perhaps even better than she could 😉

3. How she asked me every day if I liked the packed lunch that day at school.

4. How she hugged me when I skinned my knee or bruised my elbow, knowing full well that the injury to the ego was far greater than the physical fall.

5. How she cuddled me every morning to wake me up from the deepest slumber.

6. How she let me sleep for those extra ten minutes every morning!

7. How she taught me to swim- holding me safe while I tread the waters for the first time; and how she let go, when she was sure that I could swim an entire length without pausing or faltering.

8. How she looked at me ,with pride, every time I stood up for the underdog and refused to be tricked into doing something dishonest.

9. How she grinned each time I woke early, just so that I could feed the pigeons on the open terrace.

10. How she chose to let me snuggle with dad on weekend mornings, knowing that we all grow up too fast.

{This post is my contribution to the #NaBloPoMo Challenge, 2013}