By nature, I’m a creature of habit. Even though you may not admit it, you’d be surprised to know that most human beings are, actually.

Most of us thrive on order and schedules.

We don’t admit it, because it’s easier to believe that coasting through life without a plan has a hint of daredevilry about it, am I right?

With the new year just around the corner, I figured that it may be helpful if I put together a simple morning schedule for you to follow.

Flat lay of coffee cup, watch and planner on a desk indicating a morning routine

The tips are simple, actionable and you’d be surprised at how convenient it is to find a rhythm with your blogging when you begin to follow these ideas regularly.

In today’s post, I am going to share a daily morning routine for bloggers that is easy to put in place.

Not just that, it’s a routine that can be adapted by anyone by slightly tweaking the recommendations given below.

A good morning routine for a full-time blogger consists of three things:

1. It should be enjoyable⠀

2. It should be something that will set the tone for the rest of your day⠀

3. It should be easy to practise on a regular basis

You’d observe that in the routine below, there is a sense of measured, deliberate slowness to my morning.

That’s because I believe mornings are precious and deserve to be treated as such.

Now that we’ve understood that, let’s get down to the routine itself.

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Sleep Early the Night Before

Every effective morning routine actually starts the night before. If you haven’t had a good night’s rest, it’s impossible to be efficient the following day.

From feeling sluggish to being unable to concentrate, bad sleep habits can take a toll on your body and mind.

Sleep is crucial to your productivity as a blogger.

Most of us know it’s important; yet, it is the one thing many of us compromise on. Why?⠀

Because we don’t get to see the actual deficit that sleep deprivation creates the way we see money reducing in our bank account, when we spend it on something.⠀

Time and sleep are both not visible, but they are both important.⠀

Recommended Reading: Thrive By Arianna Huffington

It’s the one book that transformed my approach to sleep and my work as a blogger.

Stretch Your Limbs

How many hours do you spend on your phone or laptop through the day?

You’d be amazed to know that it could be anywhere from 6 to 10 hours, if you’re a full-time blogger.

Seriously, just test it out with the Rescue Time App (for both phone and desktop) for a week and tell me what it says.

After a good night’s sleep, stretch, flex and roll your limbs. These include your hands, fingers, arms and shoulders.

Don’t neglect your feet and knees. Most bloggers are sedentary users and waking up the limbs gently every morning is a perfect way to kick start the day.

Doing this on a regular basis helps improve blood circulation to your extremities and also prepares the body for the hours of sitting at the laptop, pounding away on the keys.

If you’re the kind who suffers from carpal tunnel syndrome, building good posture is very crucial.

Read more on how I suffered (twice) and why you need to take a regular break from your gadgets

Sit in Silence for a Few Minutes

Some people call it meditation.

Others call it a mindful break.

Yet others call it alignment. I love this term.

Either way, starting your day with a few minutes of silence and closed eyes is an ideal state of mind for a blogger.

In the digital space, we are constantly bombarded with information, notifications, e-mails and social media engagement.

While some of it is necessary as a blogger, most of it can be overwhelming.

So, before you jump into the world of constant notifications, take the time to settle the mind and prepare it for the day of work ahead.

I call this the easy workout for the mind.

Really loved this blogger’s morning routine that she explains so beautifully.

Complete One Simple Activity

First thing in the morning, it is recommended that you complete one habitual activity.

Now, as simplistic as that may sound, I have a very easy task for you.

Make your bed.

Yes, that’s it.

As soon as you’re awake and out of bed, fold your sheets, smooth the pillow covers, spread out the comforter and tuck the ends in.

The reasoning behind this is simple.

Completing one activity like this every single morning helps you get into a rhythmic flow for the rest of the day.

Mentally, it helps you tick one thing off your to-do list and that’s a huge bonus for a blogger who has a lot on her plate.


I start my day with two glasses of warm water on an empty stomach.

Apart from hydrating your system after an 8 hour break, it has multiple benefits.

It relieves stress and calms your central nervous system.

By improving circulation it reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Did you know that most bloggers and office workers tend to have a higher risk of lifestyle-related illnesses?

While warm water may not be a cure all solution, it definitely helps in improved health overall.

If plain warm water is difficult for you to palate, try adding a slice of lime to add flavour.

Read a Blogging Book

Now, I am a reader at heart, as some of you may know already.

And I have a deep and abiding love for both fiction and non-fiction books.

While I prefer fiction to wind down and end my day, I love to catch up on non-fiction first thing in the morning.

For that, I actually pick out blogging courses or e-books that I have bought in the last couple of years and spend time diving deep into the principles given.

I then note down highlights and relevant points in my notebook to implement when I am back at my laptop, later in the day.

All e-books can be converted to Kindle format and sent to your Kindle.

So I’d recommend doing that if you don’t want to turn on your laptop first thing in the morning.

Stay Away from your Phone

As tempting as it can be to pick up your phone and scroll through your stream of notifications and Whatsapp messages and e-mails, resist the urge.

I leave my phone to charge overnight in the home office, away from my bedroom.

Once I am awake, I go through my entire morning routine and it’s a good hour at least before I pick up my phone.

This will ensure that your mind isn’t distracted by the myriad things vying for your attention and you have the capacity to give yourself over to deep thinking.

Want to make putting your phone away easier?

Learn to declutter the phone using these tips.

Get Some Fresh Air

Most bloggers that I know are introverts with a penchant for staying indoors as much as possible.

While there’s nothing wrong with that by itself, solitude can become oppressive after a while.

That’s why it makes sense to pencil in time in your calendar every day for some fresh air.

The morning air is the best because it’s bracing and energising.

Most fitness and yoga enthusiasts recommend the morning air because it helps to clear the lungs and strengthen your immune system.

If you’re unable to actually step out that early, at least try and sit near an open window, a stoop or a veranda where you can breathe in the morning air.

This really helps with contemplation and thinking.

I find some of my best blogging ideas come to me when I am in a relaxed state of mind and not while I am at my laptop or on my phone.

Write in your Bullet Journal

I completely adore my bullet journal.

It’s simple and effective while helping me prioritise what I need to do every day and every week as a blogger.

Doing this every morning also enables me to keep in touch with the creative side of my brain, since I am writing things down by hand.

As a blogger, you’re in luck because I’ve written a post exclusively for bloggers on how to use a basic, no-nonsense bullet journal.

You don’t need a fancy blogging schedule template; a good old-fashioned notebook will do the trick just fine.

Read it here: How to Easily Plan your Blog with a Bullet Journal

Get your Workout Done

It’s only since October this year that I’ve made a conscious effort to work out regularly.

But ever since, it’s become an integral and un-missable part of my morning routine.

I cannot begin my work day without some form of exercise.

Exercise is crucial for bloggers because we don’t realise how much time we wind up staying seated in our chairs, pounding away at the keys.

The benefits of exercise are undeniable and the endorphins released after a good workout session will keep you feeling fresh and alive through the day.

I highly recommend getting into a fitness routine as soon as possible.

Learn how to build a fitness routine in 7 Easy Steps

Grab a shower; Wear Work Clothes

Even if you’re working from home, there’s no reason to stay in pyjamas the whole day.

Wearing work clothes or outdoor wear of any kind is enough to get you into the mindset of a serious worker.

You’d notice that blogging becomes a task that you welcome, enjoy and make time for instead of lounging on the couch and writing only if you feel like it.

Trust me, if you want to make blogging worthwhile and pursue it as a serious option, you need to make the shift to the business mindset.

Work on your Blog

With this task, we come to the end of the morning routine.

Now that you’ve set yourself up for a successful day of blogging, pick any one focused task for the day and get to work.

As a blogger, I recommend setting aside different days for different tasks.

Ever heard of time blocking? It’s a wonderful concept!

In this case, I use day blocking, which is fairly easy to understand.

This is perfect if you have a part time blogging schedule since you blog as a side hustle instead of a full-time job.

You set aside different days of the week for different tasks and get down to finishing only those tasks for each day.

That way, you only spend about 2 or 3 hours a day on your blog in total and enjoy the process while you’re at it.

Here’s a link to my sample weekly calendar with different days earmarked for various blogging tasks for you to check out.

Yes, you can make a copy for yourself, if you have a Trello account. 🙂

Read about how to create a full time blogging schedule that includes your blog and social media for 7 Whole Days


Remember that a morning routine is only as effective as the person who follows it religiously.

While doing every single thing on this list is not necessary, use it as a guideline to help create a morning routine that you’re proud to follow.

Do you have any other morning routines that you enjoy? Share them with me in the comments. I love adding new tips to my day!

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