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Yes, I decided to jump on to the blogging bandwagon this month. I had heard of NaNoWriMo and was seriously considering undertaking the challenge this year, but the thought of 50,000 words in 30 days made me stop and think: Am I really up for this task?

Why not start with something simpler? Twitter helped me out by pointing me in the direction of NaBloPoMo. That basically means, ‘National Blog Posting Month’. So, get set, dear readers, you’re likely to hear from me every day this month, if I manage to stick to the challenge 😉

What seemingly makes this simpler is the idea of blogging prompts, which give you an idea on what to write about.

So, today, November 1st, the prompt is: ‘Something we may not already know about you’.

Ah,where do I begin? Most of my readers are probably my friends and  family, who know pretty much everything there is to know about me anyway. And, to be honest, I live a pretty normal life.

But, just to make things interesting, I will share a tidbit from the past.

I always quote a favourite statement of mine, when engaging with my students or when I am in a serious discussion with good friends and that is, ‘Everything happens for a reason.’ And to reinforce this fact, I sometimes follow it up by narrating an incident that happened to my family, back in the early ’80s.

We were travelling by train from Singapore to Bangkok. My family, which included my parents, my sister, my aunt and uncle and their daughter, were enjoying the sights and sounds of the journey. About halfway there, the ticketing inspector asked to see our tickets and calmly asked my father for a bribe of 200 dollars. Now, my dad is pretty well-known for his honesty and forthright nature and flatly refused. The inspector threatened to throw us off the train if we didn’t cooperate. My dad stood his ground and refused to hand over anything, which, in retrospect, was probably not a smart idea. The inspector unceremoniously booted us all off the train at a station mid-way. I am just glad that nobody was harmed and that we managed to find another train to get us to our destination.

We thanked our stars that we had survived the incident and enjoyed the holiday. Six months later, we got a call from a fellow passenger on that same train. Apparently, within an hour of us being shoved off the train, bandits had boarded the train and looted everyone of their valuables! We had escaped that horror, thanks to the inspector, although he wouldn’t have known it.

 The incident has made me value everything that came my way since, good or otherwise. There are more such instances, but I will save those for another day. Happy reading and happy blogging everyone!