Nestling in Nature

Nestling in Nature

Gy had a school project a while ago. She needed to take a picture of a bird and upload it to

Now, I am no photographer. But, the spouse likes to play around with camera settings.

And, just like that, one evening, this lovely fellow (or lady?) came and perched itself right on top of the tree near our home. He stayed put for a whole ten minutes, almost as if he knew he was being photographed!

The thing about this picture is the number of things it brings home to me.

  • We live in Nature’s backyard, which can take your breath away.
  • Nature will touch us, if we allow ourselves to pause and drink it in.
  • Nature teaches us balance. The more we admire, the more we have to be wary of. That’s a powerful lesson, in my opinion.
  • Above all, it teaches me peace.
What was your lesson today?


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Written for the A to Z 2014 Challenge

N is for Nature

My theme for the month is : Introspection in shades of 11

Also linking this to the Ultimate Blog Challenge for April


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0 thoughts on “Nestling in Nature

  1. Hi – you commented on my Yeah Write post about the co-joined twins. When I went to see who you are I saw you are on here. I am too via the blog shown though the blog I used for the yeah write was my other one. If you're not confused congratulations I am

  2. That's a nice pic, Shailaja 🙂
    Nature has a wonderful way of bringing us peace. She's at so much peace with herself, most of the time ! Only if we knew the correct vein to tap, we could draw oodles of peace from nature 😀

  3. Nature for me offers peace and relaxation. No matter where we are, even in the middle of the city a small patch of sky changing colour constantly and the shifting moving clouds can provide such an interesting view.

  4. So many people updated on nature and their different takes on it. It simply tells us Nature is important to us! I loved the photograph. It is some composition. We too have a small garden in front of our house where there are two trees and and many plants and accross the road there is a wonderful park! I spend good time at varanda or in balcony looking at birds hopping and chirping around. Its peaceful and beautiful site!

  5. As someone who grew up with the waves of the Atlantic Ocean crashing against my shore, I know well the beauty and the power of Nature. Respect and admiration go hand-in-hand when it comes to Nature. Thanks, Shailaja, for a powerful and important message.

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