2022 Newsletters

Week 14: Prioritizing Wellness + Should You Learn More than One Thing at a Time?

Week 13: Living Each Day, Playing the Long Game & the Joy of Re-reading

Week 12: What Are You Saying Yes To? + Finding your Rat People

Week 11: Leaving Instagram for Good And What Success Really Means

Week 10: Pillars of a Sustainable Business, Self Worth & External Validation Plus Becoming News Resilient

Week 9: Gentle Lessons from 4 Years in Business, Reclaiming our Focus & Forecasting Just 24 Hours Ahead

Week 8: The Short Attention Span Myth, Why your Work Matters & Power of the Pause

Week 7: Relying Less on your Smartphone, Making Things with your Hands & How to be Less Busy

Week 6: Letting go of a Challenge, Power of Sleep & the Lost Art of Public Reading

Week 5: Changing Priorities, Remembering What You Read & Infinitude

Week 4: On Living in Obscurity

Week 3: Content Minimalism & Ways to Retrain your Brain to Focus

Week 2: Improving our focus and learning to do nothing

Week 1: Starting anew, building habits & a fresh look at content creation

MAY 2021

APRIL 2021

March 12th, 2021: Tapping into the Writer within and Why I write on Medium (without getting paid for it)

March 5th, 2021: Letting go of Expectations & YouTube Success Tips

Feb 26, 2021: Storytelling techniques, slow business and what those Instagram video views really mean

Feb 19, 2021: Task Batching, Writing Niches and SEO for YouTube

Feb 12, 2021: All Things Productivity+ an Instagram Dashboard

Feb 5th, 2021: Forget the Algorithm, learn how to make videos and a useful tab organizing tool

Jan 29, 2021: A Twitter timeline tip; a note on email lists & useful Focusmate updates

Jan 22, 2021: How to overcome the fear of creating content + why you need to start following your heart

Jan 15, 2021: Tiny Habits and a daily writing challenge for 2021

Jan 8, 2021: Easy tips to redesign your home page, an interview with George Kao and a bit about planners 

Dec 11, 2020: Refining roles as a coach, Facebook ads and tips to monetize your work

Dec 04, 2020: The power of focus and how to create content when nobody seems to appreciate it

Nov 27, 2020: Why people use social media, why you need to do more and a fab productivity tool

Nov 20, 2020: Blog comments, Building connection and a neat video tip

Nov 13, 2020: Tripwires, handling low engagement and Linkedin Carousels

Nov 6, 2020: How to work with brands, build a connection and stop worrying about stats

Oct 30, 2020: On Freelancing, using free images and blogging without an audience

Oct 23, 2020: How I sold out two group coaching sessions with a small email list

Oct 16, 2020: How to play the long waiting game

Oct 9, 2020: Why Page views don’t matter as much as you think

Sept 28, 2020: The Abundance Mindset and how it really helps

Sept 24, 2020: Blogging without Social Media

Sept 18, 2020: How to break your instant gratification habit