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“Today I sat down to clear out my emails – I had some 1000 of them waiting for me. In a flurry of deleting and unsubscribing one email of yours made me slow down. I read your piece on mindfulness and it resonated strongly with me.” – Tulika Singh

“I followed you from Instagram and now regularly look forward to reading your weekly newsletter. For some reason, I feel very calm and centered whenever I read your newsletters.” – Amba Puga

“A few months ago, I stumbled upon one of your articles as I was searching via Google for “arguments” on if or how businesses can function without social media. And ever since, I’ve been a happy reader of your newsletter because I gain so much from it.” – Khaya Ronkainen
“I love your newsletter. I have been thinking to reach out to you for a fresh approach to my writing and blog, and I got your newsletter at the right time. Very useful tips and articles which reinforce the right approach to blogging.” – Rippy Gauba
“I am always amazed by how much your content speaks to me. I’ve been considering a regular mailing list and writing a newsletter for a few weeks now. And the week in which I decide to actually put words on paper and draft my first newsletter is when you write about the importance of engaged subscribers!”- Nupur Sachdeva
“It’s nice to read your newsletter every Friday morning” – Mansi Joshi

Hello there. My name is Shailaja Vishwanath and I am delighted to welcome you to my blog and my newsletter.

With 15+ years of blogging experience, I teach you how to grow a loyal, engaged audience for your brand. You can do this while embracing your creativity, connecting with your readers and doing it from a space of abundance.

Shailaja V