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Shailaja’s Newsletter stands out from anything else that I subscribe to! It’s readable, friendly and packed with information. Each time there is something new to learn and immediately apply to making my blog successful. Shailaja avoids hype and delivers true quality. If you don’t have access to this Newsletter you are missing out!

Maureen Cooper

Blogger, Online Course Creator & Trainer- Awareness in Action

There are very few newsletters I subscribe to, and fewer that I wait for every single week. But not only do I wait for Shailaja’s newsletter; it’s also one I try to read as soon as possible. Because she is one of the few people who go above and beyond when it comes to delivering value in everything she does or puts out there. And so far every single newsletter of hers has helped me either solve a problem or gain new insight, which is why I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it.

Shantala Nayak

Blogger & Book Reviewer, Shanaya Tales

If there’s one thing I’ve learned along my 16-year (and counting!) blogging journey, it is this: there’s always something new to learn. To keep myself up to date, I subscribe to some excellent newsletters that bring me valuable resources and tips and one of them is Shailaja’s newsletters. Well-designed and always packed with actionable information, her email newsletters are a pleasure to read and click through. I’ve connected with several other blogging experts via her newsletters and cherish the connections. I like what Shailaja’s doing and more important, how she is doing it. Providing value to her readers. I applaud her commitment and dedication in constantly keeping her audience engaged with easy-to-implement tip sheets and resources.

Vidya Sury

Blogger, Editor & Writer- VidyaSury.com

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