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This is another major item on my current agenda.

Gy turned 4 this July. She has been off the diaper during the day for almost 2 years now. The night-time diaper, however, has persisted till as recently as 2 weeks ago.

I have consciously made her wear just her undies now during the night. This is what I follow:

– Ensure no liquids are given upto 1.5 hours before bed.
– Make sure she uses the bathroom just before she goes to bed.
-Bought a large plastic/rubber sheet that fits the entire mattress. This way, if she does wet herself, I just need to change the sheets. And her nightsuit and underwear, of course 🙂
– Wake her up once during the night to use the bathroom.

She does seem to be getting the idea and I hope I am doing things right.

Update!!- October 22,2010

I am so happy to be able to post this. I actively started night-time training last Monday, nearly 2 weeks ago. I was persistent and refused to put her on the diaper, although there were nights when I wish I could have:)

Here was her routine:

-Give her dinner and curds by 9pm, change into her nightsuit, use the bathroom and go to sleep.
-set the alarm for 12 am, wake her up, make her use the bathroom and put her back to sleep.
-Set the alarm for 4am, wake her up, use the bathroom, go to sleep.
-Wake her up at 7 am.

She adjusted fairly well to this and only wet the sheets twice that whole week.

– Upon advice from a friend (Thanks, S!), I decided to wake her just once in the night.
-Feed her by 9, make her use the loo and send her to sleep.
– Wake her once at midnight for using the loo.
-Wake her only at 6.30 for next round and get her ready for school.

This worked very well. Already her body seemed to have adapted to the change.

Best part:

The last 2 nights, she has woken me up on her own to say she needs to use the bathroom.

I can’t tell you how happy I am 🙂