Only That!

Only That!

I am only a mom
I am not a supermom
I am not an efficient mom
What I do is just enough

I may not juggle twenty-three roles
I may not make a myriad dishes
I may not even fold the laundry three days in a row
But I’m okay with that,
Because I am only a mom

I may lose my cool
I may lose my keys
I may even mutter some choice phrases under my breath
Hey, look! I’m only a mom!

It’s all worthwhile though
When my daughter cuddles up to me
After I’ve just yelled at her
For making a royal mess with clay and finger paint

And I think, Maybe I’m more than Only a mom.

Word count: 121


Written for the A to Z 2014 Challenge

O is for OnlyΒ 

My theme for the month is :Β Introspection in shades of 11

Also linking this to theΒ Ultimate Blog ChallengeΒ for April


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0 thoughts on “Only That!

  1. Mommy business is the toughest. You may be ungainfully employed(this word is my creation)but here payment is in hugs and kisses far more priceless than anything money can buy. Kudos for all the just moms.

  2. Loved that Shailaja… Of course you're more than a mum… In fact each mum is more. Being a mother encompasses within itself so many many roles and pushes us all to do more, be more.

  3. Motherhood is the foundation of most of what is good in Life. No Mom is “only a Mom” if she lives her life echoing the heartbeats of those she loves. Beautiful post, Shailaja. πŸ™‚

  4. πŸ™‚ Somehow I do not like to qualify any role in life with “only”.

    That being said, no matter how low a Mother feels, her child is always an instant mood-upper!

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