Shailaja V

Gift of the gab….or should I say babble?

Babies and baby talk—two awesome things! My daughter tries her hardest to communicate her ideas,likes,dislikes, worries…all in her gibberish. On the one hand, it is frustrating to see her struggle and yet, in its own quaint way, the effort she makes is heart-warming and remarkable to observe:) Her first word was “Bye-Bye” and she loves […]

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Antics and mischief

Which kid is silent and well-behaved 24×7? Not mine and I don’t mind it either:) As long as the boundary lines are drawn between mischief and danger, and you can ensure she stays within those lines, you are doing fine.` My little one loves music and dance… and this from the tender age of 2 […]

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Diaper tales

One of a mom’s worst nightmares is nappy rash and skin reddening due to frequent wetting. I have managed to stick to cloth nappies during the day for Gy and a diaper or two at night to help her sleep right through. Early on, the diaper changes would be every 30 minutes or so. Then […]

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Sleep patterns I faced

With babies, it is very difficult to generalise a pattern of consistent sleep. My daughter was not a good night-time sleeper the first 10 months of her life. Yes, that’s a long time of insomniac nights I went through! People blame inadequate feeding, incorrect sleeping postures, colic pain in the first 4 to 6 months […]

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