Shailaja V

Night-time toilet training

This is another major item on my current agenda.Gy turned 4 this July. She has been off the diaper during the day for almost 2 years now. The night-time diaper, however, has persisted till as recently as 2 weeks ago.I have consciously made her wear just her undies now during the night. This is what […]

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A month passes and the verdict is…

Normal! Yes, Gy has successfully completed her first month at playschool and I must say that it has been a bit rough this past month. Now that the tears are in the past, I can look forward to a better routine as far as school is concerned:) In this past month I picked up a […]

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Playschool-the first week

Picture of an apple, a diary, a pencil, pen and eraser. Text overlay reads: First Week of Playschool: A journal. Also includes the logo of the website Shailaja V on the bottom left of the image.

The first week or day of Playschool can be nerve-wracking for kids and parents alike. I figured that if I shared my experience with it for the first week, it would help other parents in the same boat. Monday – Day 1  The morning dawned and it was no different from any other weekday.But, this […]

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