Shailaja V

Yelling less- Day # 2

So it is the end of Day # 2 and here is the news: I  DID IT! Yes, I managed to get through the whole day without raising my voice’s decibel level. Was it easy since I had finished Day # 1? Not really. It took all my willpower not to give in to the […]

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Of teddy bears and fanciful names

Being a child certainly has its perks. You can pretty much get away with anything on this planet and people will say, ‘Aww, how cute!’, ‘Isn’t that adorable?’ and ‘My, my. That’s a BIG word for a toddler,’ and more to that effect. I am constantly reminded of this fact when I see my 5 […]

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Night-time toilet training

This is another major item on my current agenda.Gy turned 4 this July. She has been off the diaper during the day for almost 2 years now. The night-time diaper, however, has persisted till as recently as 2 weeks ago.I have consciously made her wear just her undies now during the night. This is what […]

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