You know how you wake up to a surprise every single day? Yeah, me neither. At least not in real life. πŸ˜‰ But on Pinterest, that can actually happen! Yes! This morning I logged into my Pinterest account to see that I had early access to a feature called Pinterest Carousel!

I know you’re wondering how this is new. Pinterest has always had a carousel feature for business profiles. That’s the ‘Featured Boards’ section you see on the page of Pinterest users who have enabled it.

Pink and white desk with laptop and notepad. Text on how to use the Pinterest Carousel feature to upload multiple pins

But, no, this is different. Let me explain what it is and also let’s figure out how to use it to our benefit. Here’s the first ever carousel I created just this morning!

(*As of now, the carousel only displays on desktop for some users)

If you click on the above pin you will notice that it has an arrow on the side of the image to enable you to scroll through multiple images. πŸ˜€

This means that if you have multiple pins/images for a particular post on your blog or product on your e-commerce store, this would be a great way to showcase them all!

Want to know how to enable this? Let’s get started.

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Create Carousel from your Home page

Open your home page on Pinterest on the desktop. Under the red plus sign on the top right of this page, you will see two options: Create pin and Create Carousel. Click on the latter.

Upload up to 5 images

You can upload up to 5 images for a single carousel pin.

When uploading, ensure two things:

  • They should be in .png or .jpg format
  • They should all be of the SAME size

Add your Title, Description and link to the blog post

Once you’ve uploaded all the images, type in the title of your post, the description (this is where you can add your hashtags), the URL to which you want the post to direct and the name of the board you are adding it to.

Bonus tip: You can add DIFFERENT text and different Links to each of the 5 images you upload. For example, if you’d like to showcase 5 different topics that are all related, you could do that. Cool, right? 

Check the one below. In this one, I have linked 5 related Pinterest posts to showcase my tips.

IMPORTANT: You cannot edit a carousel pin after you’ve uploaded it! So be careful and ensure there are no errors in your content!

Here’s a very short video to see how it looks on Pinterest.

That’s it. All done! Easy, isn’t it?

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What you can’t do with the Pinterest Carousel Feature

As of now these are the things you cannot do when you upload pins using this feature:

  1. You cannot upload multiple images to a scheduler like Tailwind from the Carousel feature.
  2. You cannot edit the carousel pins after you have uploaded them to Pinterest.
  3. You cannot upload different-sized images for a single carousel.
Pinterest Carousel is a lovely feature where you can add multiple images to a beautiful, scroll-style format. These will all point back to the URL of your choice. Read my easy step-by-step tutorial to learn how to do it for yourself! #PinterestMarketing #Carousel #Shailajav #PinterestTips

Have you got access to Pinterest Carousel yet? Let me know when you do and what you think of it as a content creator. πŸ™‚

Pin image courtesy by Dean Drobot via Shutterstock